10 Steps to a Calm Pregnancy

Why not kick the year off with the intention of creating a Calm (blissful, wonderful, enjoyable) Pregnancy?

Lets start today, it really is never too late…here are my top tips;

1. Talk things through with someone you trust– Holding everything in and worrying internally about what you are thinking, feeling, struggling with will make you feel low and stressed. Make time to sit down with your partner, mum or BFF regularly and just let it all out! Once you have talked about it, it is likely to feel less scary and overwhelming.
2. Exercise– it is very tempting to just lie on the sofa after a hard days work, especially when you are pregnant but staying active will help you to release those amazeball endorphins (our happy hormones) and thus reduce your stress levels. Try walking, yoga, swimming or stick with the gym (modified where necessary) if that is your usual way of working out.
3. Get some support– If you have other children or are finding work or housework too demanding, ask for help. Your boss has a duty of care to ensure that your job and workplace is suitable for you during your pregnancy. Housework can wait- or perhaps your partner can start to do more (my husband got introduced to the vacuum cleaner during my first pregnancy and it has been his job ever since- bonus!). Mum friends really come in handy during pregnancy as they know and understand the demands of having other children whilst being pregnant- so draw on their support. You can repay them in play dates when you are feeling better.
4. Eat healthily– my second pregnancy involved a heavy diet of Haribos whereas with my 3rd pregnancy I snacked continuously on veg sticks and houmous or fruit and yogurt and boy did I notice the difference. A healthy diet will not only help your baby to grow strong and healthy but it can really boost your energy levels, help to prevent constipation and other troublesome pregnancy complaints.
5. Learn relaxation techniques to help you stay calm– ooooh I love my relaxation techniques. Learn how to lower your heart rate and blood pressure with a simple breathing technique and reap the benefits. Feel more in control, sleep better, and feel less discomfort.
6. Prepare for birth– It’s so, so (yes so) important to be prepared for the birth of your baby. Decide on an Antenatal Programme, like Hypnobirthing, and get started as soon as you can. Being prepared can help reduce the fear you have about giving birth, increase your confidence and empower you to make the right choices for you and your baby. All of which will help you to stay calm during your pregnancy. Sign up for our FREE Hypnobirthing Videos here or get in touch with one of our Instructors here
7. Me time– its ok to have some time for yourself. Even if its 15 mins here or there and all you do is have a cuppa or a nap. Do it! It’s not just for you, it’s for your baby too! You can even go further than that and get regular pregnancy massage, reiki treatments or go and get prettied up and get your toes or hair done (I did all of these in my last pregnancy regularly and it felt GOOD!!).
8. Bond with your baby– your baby is so aware. So she really needs your connection. Talk to her, read or sing to her, massage oil into your tummy and think lovely wonderful thoughts about how she is going to enrich your life with the love you have for each other. Connecting with this growing being can really take the edge of the stress.
9. Affirmations– start listening to Affirmations (positive statements) everyday about how wonderful your pregnancy is. Even if you don’t believe it right now, the affirmations will help you to believe that you are blooming, you are feeling wonderful and that you handle all situations calmly and easily. 
10. Connect with other like-minded pregnant women– talking, connecting and just being with others who know what you are going through can help you to feel supported and so lower that feeling of stress. Attending a group Antenatal Course can help you to make friends whilst learning and preparing for birth, joining our community group on facebook here or arrange to meet up regularly with your pregnant friends.
Here is a bonus one…why not indulge in a Pregnancy Retreat?! A few of our TCBS Instructors offer some gorgeous opportunities to really treat yourself (whilst doing some birth prep!)…Find your local instructor via the link below;




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