Hypnobirthing Instructor Training Program

A unique, comprehensive, fully accredited, Level 3 Diploma course providing everything you need to become a professional Hypnobirthing Instructor for The Calm Birth School in under 12 weeks!

We're not for you if...

You want to teach people about magic, silent births, invisible births, perfect births etc… You aren’t inclusive or open to learning about how birth affects people of all races and identities.

Instead, like you like to keep it real and want to prepare all people for EVERYTHING!

How long does the course take?

The online course will take around 10-12 weeks to complete (depending on when you get started and how quickly you work, it could take less!). You can set aside a couple of hours per week to work on it. All the online classes are broken down into “bit sized chunks” so you won’t get overwhelmed. You have lifetime access to the course materials so you can always revisit it whenever you need to.

Will I miss out studying online?

Absolutely not. Everything is covered and more. 100% of my students when asked said my courses deliver on value and exceeded their expectations. The great thing is that we have a face to face weekend so you get to connect with the course facilitators and your fellow trainees in person!

What other costs are involved in becoming an instructor?

The training costs between £1300 (paid in full)- £1500 (paid in installments). Unless you are a midwife, doula or hypnotherapist in which case it would be £250 less. We also have early bird offers available.

Every year to ensure that you maintain all your benefits and keep teaching The Calm Birth School method of hypnobirthing you are asked to contribute £75 as a membership fee.

As an instructor you will need to provide your clients with our accompanying materials which are The Calm Birth Method book by Suzy Ashworth and 6 MP3’s. You book is purchased directly from The Calm Birth School at £8 per book and sold in packs of 5, 10 and 20. The MP3’s are given to you for FREE and you can pass these onto your clients. You can work these costs into your charge rates and as a self-employed individual these would be considered as expenses for your business.

How does the 5-mile rule work?

The 5-mile rule runs from an instructors house for the first 12 months. I cannot place a new instructor within 5 miles of an existing instructor’s home address. The 5 mile rule does not restrict where you teach but it is a commitment not to over populate an area with instructors. Each instructor gets the 5 mile radius for the first 12 months.

Training to become a hypnobirthing instructor is for you if...
  • You are excited about taking a new path, learning, growing and expanding.
  • You are ready to learn about the importance of the mind body connection and how the amazing pregnant body works.
  • You want to run your own successful business (but are probably a bit scared!) and to increase you own self-awareness and self-development.
  • You like connecting with people and you want to share how empowering birth can be and support others.
  • You are prepared to ask for the help you need to achieve your goals.
  • You aren’t expecting to become an instant millionaire or an overnight success (it can take time to make your business a success)
  • You want to learn more than just hypnobirthing; my course is often referred to as a form of therapy in itself!
  • Trainees come to big realisations about themselves and their lives whilst undertaking it
Why do I need to book a call? Can’t I just pay now?

At TCBS we are all about quality over quantity. I want to get to know EVERYONE who is joining the family however, if you prefer not to chat first, you can apply via the online application instead and I will contact you via email.

What's included online?
  • Module 1 Hypnosis in Childbirth; Hypnobirthing & its evolution. What is Hypnosis? How does the brain work? What is the role of hypnosis in birth? And much much more!
  • Module 2 The Breathing Techniques; Learn all the core breathing techniques used by The Calm Birth School with teaching tips and easy to follow steps.
  • Module 3 Techniques for Relaxing the Mind & the Body – Explore the techniques we use to enhance relaxation.
  • Module 4 Techniques for Preparing The Body- the mind is so important to prepare but so is the body too!
  • Module 5 Birth Basics- Learn about topics such as anatomy & physiology, labour and birth, special circumstances and intervention in labour
  • Module 6 The Post Natal Period- Explore the feelings that might occur if birth doesn’t go to plan, your clients options for feeding their baby and how to support them and investigate the how your clients mental health might be effected (with guest speakers Anna Le Grange & Sophie Burch)
  • Module 7 Consolidate your learning. Watch our online parent course to help you begin to understand how to format all the information you have learnt.
Why training to teach Hypnobirthing NOW is so important?
  • Birthing women & people are more fearful about birth now more than EVER. A global pandemic has meant that many pregnant people across the world have faced (and are still facing) tough choices and feeling alone. From birth centers closing, to birth companions being restricted and home births not being offered in some areas- they need all the support and birth prep that they can get.
  • There were 605,479 births in the UK in 2022. If we break that down into regions, in the West Midlands for example, the latest available figures show that there were 63,834 births. In Birmingham there were 14,482 births…you see where I am going here? There are a lot of women and birthing people who need YOUR support to create the most positive birth experience possible. Have a google to find the number of pregnant women and people in your local area who could possibly need your support.
  • According to the most recent research, about 30,000 women and birthing people, experience birth trauma in the UK per year. The Calm Birth School are passionate about providing quality education, tools, techniques and support to help to lower these astonishing numbers and also to help those who have experienced trauma to have a subsequent more positive experience.
  • 1 in 7 people who give birth will develop Postnatal Depression with 50% of those developing symptoms during pregnancy (see Pandas for more information). Having certain expectations about how birth should be, feel or happen can create feelings of failure or despair in women if those expectations aren’t met which is thought to put them at a higher risk of post natal depression. The Calm Birth School Instructors provide a down to earth, relatable, accessible programme which can help women and birthing people to navigate their birth experiences- even if they don’t go to plan.
  • In the UK we are currently experiencing a crisis within midwifery. 60% of midwives are considering leaving the profession. 33% of midwives are suffering from PTSD and 96% of student midwives are experiencing mental health issues. If that doesn’t tell you that the system is broken and that women and birthing people need ALL the support they can get, than I don’t know what will!
  • Celebrities and Royalty (from Fearne Cotton to the Duchess of Cambridge) have used hypnobirthing to prepare for the birth of their babies. This means that there is more and more interested in hypnobirthing and more demand for teachers.
  • One thing lock down taught us, is that we are able to attract clients from all over the world and teach classes online in a very similar format to teaching face to face! We aren’t limited to working in our local area if we don’t want to.
Could you be a Calm Birth School Instructor?

TCBS Instructors have these values in common;

  • We help women & birthing people build up their confidence in themselves, their choices and their bodies
  • We help couples to create a positive birth experience no matter what the circumstances are
  • We support our clients in their decisions, respect their wishes and their choices.
  • We are supporters of women but we include those who don’t identify as women too because everyone deserves access to resources that can help create a positive experience.
  • We invite our clients into our tribe. We build bonds, friendships and connection with all whom we work with.
  • We are knowledgeable, gifted teachers who inspire couples to become empowered through education, support, skills, positive mindsets and tools for life!
  • We believe in the power of the mind and we know that all birthing women & people have it within them to create positive birth experiences
  • We help the people we work with and their birth partners to ask for the support they need from their caregivers.
  • We remind our clients that their instincts are powerful and that they are the experts in their own bodies and babies.
  • If this sounds like you or who you want to become…then you could be a perfect fit for our team!
What will you have at the end of the course?
  • Have a Level 3 Diploma certificate which enables you to practice as a hypnobirthing instructor for The Calm Birth School, hold classes, workshops and one to one sessions either live and online or face to face.
  • You will also understand how to create a business mindset, get your business started and market and promote yourself.
  • You will have made a lot of friends and had lots of fun along the way.
  • Many of my teachers run 2 group classes per month and teach private sessions too. Some of them have got so busy that they need to have an instructor work with them and own their own premises! This could be you!
  • Our courses are insured by Westminster Indemnity Insurance for professional practice.
What you can do after your course?
  • See a future where you could have more flexibility in your life and more time with your little ones or loved ones.
  • Feel proud of what you do and the difference you make in the world.
  • Create a 2-5 year plan where you can leave the 9-5 treadmill or the slog of pulling shifts and create a more relaxed lifestyle for yourself and your family (*if that is your goal, it might take less time it might take more).
  • Work as an instructor alongside your current job and earn extra money for your family!
  • Earn an income empowering pregnant women and people to have a positive birth experience.
  • Feel more fulfilled and use your unique qualities, talents and personality to inspire others.
  • Change your life and others!
  • Love what you do every day and never get bored of learning or “working”.
  • Find a community of amazing women all aligned with you and supporting you on your journey.
  • Create your own independent income.
I can help you create an amazing new career that you LOVE!

It is time to change lives and start helping birthing women & people to create the most positive birth experience possible for their own unique situation.

This is what you have been looking for if you want to earn additional income, change the current birth narrative and create a ripple which will impact how future generations of women and people give birth.

Our fully comprehensive Hypnobirthing Instructor Training Program enables you to teach hypnobirthing in under 12 weeks and empowers you to create a business you love.

When looking into learning about hypnobirthing for my own birth, I found The Calm Birth School and instantly connected with it. It’s positive, empowering and very importantly, it’s powerful for any type of birth. Couldn’t love it more! Am so happy to be part of The Calm Birth School family. And if you’re considering doing it online, I am based in Hong Kong and was able to do the course via Zoom. I felt completed connected and supported throughout, and still do one year later! Oh and you’ll love Liz. Just do it!

Lindsay Parfitt, Calm Birth Hong Kong

There is nothing like a recent pandemic, a rise in the cost of living crisis and a war to make you re-evaluate where you are in life.

We have all found ourselves in the strangest and saddest of circumstances. The pandemic allowed you to evaluate that life pre-pandemic was not working for you. You were stretched beyond your own capacity, with balancing all that was thrown at you and then suddenly you were trapped in your own home with more time on your hands than ever before but feeling like you had no time (remember that?!). You probably swore to yourself that when life went “back to normal” you would never go back to running yourself into a zombie like existence of work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep repeat…but here we are and you are probably already back on that hamster wheel of life. Only this time, we are now dealing with a cost of living crisis and a recession unfolding before our very eyes.

A familiar response for you is to put your hopes, dreams and wishes on hold, until everything calms down and we go back to normal…the thing is…this is the new normal and we all have to start to work out how to live through this. You deserve to be able to fulfill your ambitions. To follow your passion and your dreams. You can become a successful Hypnobirthing Instructor, earn extra money to support your family through this new world crisis and create more balance between career and family whilst feeling fulfilled and purposeful.

Will creating success be easy? I can’t guarantee that! But, be assured that I pack in as much help and support as possible.

I can help you create an amazing new career that you LOVE!

How does it all work?

Let’s breakdown the course and show you how you’re fully supported in every step of creating your own successful practice.

Each round of The Calm Birth School Instructor training includes;


The Calm Birth School’s most comprehensive hypnobirthing instructor training course to date- it is classed as a Level 3 Diploma.


Access to our private Facebook groups, “The Calm Birth School Community”, “The Calm Birth School Instructors” and a training group just for you and your fellow trainees.


A large part of the training is online. If you live in the UK you can join a face to face 2 day event to complete your training! If you are outside of the UK you can complete your training entirely online.


A FREE Birth Trauma Competency Training which has been created by our resident Psychologist Rosie Gilderthorpe.


Although a large part of the training is online and self paced it is fully interactive and mentored. You will receive feedback as you progress through the course. Free access to our group business coaching program, The Business of Hypnobirthing.


 Our online hypnobirthing parent course.

Invest in your future with a £200 deposit followed by £130 per month for 10 months OR pay £1300 in full (save £200)

Limited spaces available

“ I chose to train as an instructor with the calm birth school because the fresh, straight talking, down to earth approach really appealed to me. So much info is packed into the 2.5 months of online learning and the face to face aspect really pulled it all together. Liz and the team are awesome – absolute fountains of knowledge and enthusiasm and they gave me the confidence to put myself out there. It paid off – I booked my first 3 clients within just a few weeks and can’t wait to continue spreading the calm birth school Joy. Highly recommend!”

Laura Scarlett, Laura Scarlett Doula

There are lots of training providers out there so what makes The Calm Birth School different?

I don’t just give you a fully comprehensive hypnobirthing training course… I give you a full hypnobirthing training immersion experience (because the journey to success is more than just a certificate). I know from my experience of training instructors and years of running my own business that the right support creates success.


We teach you everything you need to know about hypnobirthing and support you to begin to feel like a teacher right from the beginning. We will provide you with in-depth reading lists, video, audio and written resources, case study feedback and support to answer all your questions.


We help you to become the most effective teacher and facilitator that you can and encourage you to develop the skills needed to engage with your clients and work with group dynamics. You will feel confident facilitating groups, one to one sessions and workshops.


We help you succeed in setting up your business and getting clients. This is an important part of the course as we want you to share your excellent teaching skills and knowledge with as many people as possible. You don’t do a TCBS training course and never teach…you will be excited to share with others.

The fully Comprehensive Course

The Calm Birth School Instructor Training Course- valued at £1500.

This is our all-inclusive hypnobirthing training course which includes everything YOU need to know in order to equip the couples you teach with the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques needed to empower them to have a positive birth experience.

You have lifetime access to all your training materials for the duration of your training and for as long as you remain a The Calm Birth School Instructor. It will take you around 12 weeks to complete the course which includes 10 weeks of online learning and 2 days of face to face training. Everything you need is online and your assessments are marked by one of my trainers (not a multiple choice test!) so you always have access to feedback and someone to answer your questions.

Once complete you receive a certificate that enables you to teach as a The Calm Birth School Instructor

The Mentorship And Community Support

Your success is important to me which is why you continue to receive mentoring and community support even when your training has finished.

Free membership to the The Business Of Hypnobirthing Mastermind Programme (value £210).

Accessed completely online and covering topics such as how to create balance in life and business to working out who your ideal client is and how to reach them- this course is the perfect way to get you set up and ready to attract your tribe and begin to make the transformations that your training has prepared you for!

The Business of Hypnobirthing package includes: 2x modules (The Mindset Module and The Marketing Module) and a total of 8 classes; 3 x 60 minute mentoring calls; Access to me on email and in a private Facebook group

The Calm Birth School HQ Team

We transform birth passionate people into successful hypnobirthing business owners. We provide hope that you can achieve your dreams of being in charge of your own time, earn your own money and most importantly create a difference in other peoples lives. We show you your potential and help you to fulfill your ambitions. We give you the motivation to keep going and growing and create a community and sense of belonging for you. We help to improve your own sense of wellness; some even compare the training to therapy whilst also having fun! We simplify the training and business set up process so they can start making money and passing on their knowledge as soon as possible. I couldn’t possibly deliver this level of support on my own. So, it is about time I shared the team behind the name and introduced you to the TCBS Crew who support me in making this business flow as it does.

Liz Stanford

It’s my to job run The Calm Birth School and to love hard on our trainees, our instructors and our community in general. More about me as you scroll down through this page!

When you join TCBS as an instructor, you get the WHOLE team behind you helping you and supporting you to be successful!

Sabrina Taylor
Resident Hypnotherapist

Sabrina’s role is to support our Hypnobirthing instructor trainee’s through their hypnosis module! Her role extends to our trained instructors also, so any hypno Q’s that need answering- she is the woman to go to! Sabrina is a huge positive birth advocate. We met a few years ago on a retreat and I knew I had to have her in my life!

Jemima Theobolds
Resident Midwife

Jemima is our resident midwife. As a Mum to 4 and a practicing midwife, I don’t know how she does it but she loves and nurtures our trainees through their birth basics and answers birth-y questions from our trained instructors too. I met Jemima though a mutual friend and as soon as we spoke I knew she would be perfect for this role!

The Calm Birth School is “The Gateway to a positive birth”. We are teaching birthing women & people and their partners to navigate their birth experiences in the most positive way possible with accessible, relatable hypnobirthing.


Ready to find out if you are the right fit for The Calm Birth School?

Here is my promise to you…

This program has been put together with expert knowledge, experience and love. I want you to be 100% happy. All I ask is that you do the work. This program requires your commitment, time and energy. You need to be 100% invested in growing a business that will give you the lifestyle that you want.

This program isn’t for you if you’re not ready to expand, grow and create a successful teaching practice. I will be with you each step of the way and so will The Calm Birth School team and our online community. If there is something you need, I will create the resources for you so that you can confidently teach how you want to. We are not a franchise and we are not prescriptive. You have autonomy over how you teach your classes. You can get all the support you would have from a franchise for only a small membership fee each year (£75)

You have COMPLETE FREEDOM to trade under your own brand but have the mentorship from me at the same time. Join hundreds of independent teachers all succeeding in their own right but supported by us.

Success Stories

Josette Sticher from The Little Nestling Place

Meet Josette Sticher! I am very proud to have this lovely lady as part of our community. Due to her experiences of being pregnant in a foreign country and not knowing the system or the language (Josette moved from the UK to Germany whilst pregnant with her first child), she decided that no mother should labour in silence, give birth in silence, or take their baby home to silence. The feeling of isolation and zero support was unbearable. This superwoman is on a mission to help empower women and birthing people in an unfamiliar setting a foreign country to have the birth they know they can have and to feel mightily empowered too. In both her hypnobirthing practice and her Baby massage business, she has now taught couples originating from Iran, Brazil, India, Bulgaria, Vietnam, China, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Spain, France, Lithuania, Argentina, Hawaii, America, England, Scotland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Australia, Hungary and Mexico! Wow!

Lindsay Parfitt from Calm Birth Hong Kong 

Lindsay is making waves in Hong Kong! Lindsay completed all of her hypnobirthing training online and despite having a new born baby was was soon filling hypnobirthing taster sessions, teaching 1:1 and spreading the word about positive, accessible birth.

She has and incredible spirit and bring calm and empowerment to everyone she comes into contact with!

Jade Gordon- Sona Mum  

Not all my instructors train with me in the beginning. Lovely Jade found TCBS after training with a few other methods and established herself in her local area of Aberdeenshire. Jade didn’t feel that the method she was teaching was totally aligned to her beliefs around birth and she wasn’t getting the support she needed to grow her business.

She has blended her own wonderful style of teaching with some inspiration from TCBS to create something very special for clients. 3 years on from joining us and Jade has expanded her team to include two other instructors!

Jade has done amazingly and I am so proud of her!

So are you ready to change lives?  


£200 deposit followed by £130 per month for 10 months OR pay £1300 in full (save £200)

Limited spaces available!