The Calm Birth School

A four-week online video hypnobirthing course

What if giving birth was a calm, relaxed and joyful experience?

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Welcome toThe Calm Birth School Hypnobirthing Classes

A four week antenatal video program, training women and their birth partners to create calm, joyful births from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re planning a hospital, home, or midwife-led birth, you and your birth partner will be guided through The Calm Birth School hypnobirthing method for creating a smooth birth experience…all from the ease of your armchair. So for the rest of your pregnancy, you’ll feel fearless, not freaked out! I want a calm, joyful birth

My birth was everything I had hoped for and I absolutely believe that without The Calm Birth School I would never have managed to stay home and stay confident throughout and achieve such a wonderful birthing experience. My husband was never fully convinced about the techniques that we learnt (although always being 100% supportive) and that they would make any difference to our experience but I’m happy to say, we have a fully fledged hypnobirthing convert!

Alice Nicholson, hypnobirthing mum to Constance



A natural breech birth, bum first!

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely lady Laura, who attended a Skype Hypnobirthing course with TCBS’s wonderful Anna Owen from Rock Your Birth in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire….

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I actually said out loud ‘oh my god I’m soooo proud of myself’

This week’s birth story comes from the lovely couple Emma and Chris, who attended a TCBS with Shona Baxter Empowered- Hypnobirthing for Warrior Mamas  in Northumberland. Thank you for…

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So I made the difficult decision to have an elective C section

This week’s birth story comes from the lovely Sophie who attended classes with TCBS Instructor, Leanne Lawrence from Brighter Birthing in Hertfordshire, UK . Thank you for sharing…

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