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Become an empowered hypnobirthing instructor, embark on a relaxed pregnancy, or find the perfect hypnobirthing instructor who will help you to create a positive birthing experience. Welcome to The Calm Birth School, we’re here to help you make your birthing experience truly extraordinary. With our personalised, relatable and accessible approach, we’ll guide you through the transformative power of hypnobirthing.

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Are you pregnant and wanting to know about hypnobirthing?

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My name is Liz Stanford

If you have landed here, you are probably looking to train as a hypnobirthing instructor or perhaps you are pregnant…

My mission is a big one I want all women and pregnant people, everywhere, to realise how strong, powerful and amazing they are. During our lives, as women and pregnant people, we are often told by media or people around us (or even by ourselves) that we aren’t good enough or capable enough. We are often regarded as weak or fragile. This is not true. Women & birthing people are magnificent and their birth experiences can really help them to see that.

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Create a calm, joyful birth by choosing between an online hypnobirthing program or contact one of my The Calm Birth School Hypnobirthing Instructors!

* please note that our online hypnobirthing birth preparation parent course does not use inclusive language. We hope to provide one in the future that will cater to anyone who wants to access it. However we have many instructors who can teach online all across the world who have undergone LGBTQ+ competency. This is indicated on their listing in our directory with a badge and we can provide inclusive resources including the updated The Calm Birth Method Book.

I highly recommend this course to anyone considering training as a hypnobirthing instructor.

After using hypnobirthing techniques to have two wonderful births, I was passionate about training as a hypnobirthing instructor to be able to help other women achieve the same amazing experience. I looked at various different instructor programmes and decided  on “The Calm Birth School” as I liked the openness and approach of their course. I am so glad I did, from the first contact with Liz, it has been a truly wonderful and enlightening journey! I have learnt so much, have felt and continue to feel supported on my instructor journey and have become part of a wonderful community of lovely people.

Rachel Kidd

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