The Calm Birth School Podcast & Book

The Aspiring Hypnobirthing Instructor Podcast

A podcast for aspiring, newly trained or even seasoned hypnobirthing instructors. This podcast aims to help you understand why hypnobirthing is so important, what it’s like to be a hypnobirthing instructor and how to run a successful small business in the birth world.

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If you’re interested in hypnobirthing or already love working with expectant parents, this is the perfect podcast for inspiration & ideas.

MrsAnnaLG, 09/02/2023

Great podcast! No more excuses!

I’m one of Liz’s students and wasn’t actively teaching beacuse I let life get in the way. I’m so happy Liz started this podcast because it reminded me of the reasons why I was so passionate about teaching Hypnobirthing and now I won’t let excuses get in the way!

AandBloves, 16/02/2023


A very interesting & inspiraional podcast. I found this highly informative. Thank you!

Ward11111111, 09/02/2023

The Calm Birth Method (Revised Edition)

by Suzy Ashworth & Liz Stanford

Your Complete Guide to a Positive Hypnobirthing Experience

*Discover tried-and-tested techniques to help you relax during labour, including mindfulness, breathing exercises and visualization, for an empowering, positive birth*

In this direct, no-nonsense practical guide to birth preparation for parents-to-be, hypnobirthing expert and owner of The Calm Birth School, Liz Stanford and Suzy Ashworth, Success Coach & creator of the world’s first online hypnobirthing programme show us how we can create a calm and positive birth experience with hypnobirthing.

Now with two new chapters and using inclusive language, this brand-new edition of The Calm Birth Method will show how you can make birth as positive an experience as possible. This guide will help you to build confidence in your body and its abilities, help you to take control of your birth experience and offers practical techniques to support and prepare you.

Walking you and your birth partner through the whole process of birth preparation, Suzy Ashworth and Liz Stanford share:

Why many women and pregnant people feel so scared of giving birth and how to eliminate these fears during pregnancy

The issue of safety in pregnancy & birth (with ethnicity and location being contributing factors)

How relaxing during birth transforms your physiology

Practical techniques to promote deep relaxation and mindfulness

How to unify birth partners and care providers, to ensure the birthing environment is stress-free

Easy to follow, incredibly effective.

Reader Review

If you would like a calm birth and a calm baby, read this!

Reader Review

I always had a fear of birthing and this book really shifted my thought process.

Reader Review

Take the power back into your hands

so you can learn to look forward to welcoming your child into the world.

Your first-steps into parenthood will be positive, relaxing and stress-free with the help of ground-breaking The Calm Birth Method (Revised Edition)