Home Study Video Program

A four – week online antenatal video program training women and their birth partners to create calm, joyful births from anywhere in the world!

Whether you’re updating your “pregnancy spreadsheet”, ensuring all baby toys match your nursery’s grey and yellow colour palette, or answering work emails while treating yourself to a pedicure…

You’ve always been in control

At work, in your relationship, your bank account, and even your shoe collection. So, on one of the more important days of your life, do you want to leave it up to chance? While you try to enjoy your pregnancy and learn everything about your growing belly, you still freeze up at the thought of… giving birth.


After all, you’ve heard the horror stories: Your sister-in-law was in labour for 3 days. Your co-worker was screaming out in pain. Your neighbour tore and couldn’t walk for weeks. And your yoga-buddy? Poohed on the delivery table.
As you hear one disaster scenario after another, you wonder:

Can I really do this?
Yes you can!

We know what you need, welcome to The Calm Birth School Online Home Video Program!

We are not for you if you’re after one of these “alternative”, hippie techniques that supposedly result in magic silent births, invisible births, perfect births even etc… Instead, like to keep it real and prepare you for EVERYTHING!

Home Study Video Online Hypnobirthing Program

Get started now for only £149.
So that for the rest of your pregnancy you’ll feel fearless, NOT freaked out!

The Calm Birth School has been teaching everyday women since 2011 the core principles of hypnobirthing and the active birth movement to provide a holistic approach to their antenatal care.


Just scientifically-proven calming and relaxation techniques, so that you know what is happening in your body and how to work with it.

Hypnobirthing has had the most incredible impact on our lives – throughout pregnancy, Eden’s birth and beyond into life as parents. She is a dream baby – calm, curious, independent and playful…and a great little sleeper! Hypnobirthing is the beginning of something beautiful and we want to wish all the future hypnofamilies the happiest of adventures.

Jen Odell, Mum to Eden

We’re on a mission to reduce the birthing horror stories, one informed woman at a time. Join our four-week online antenatal video program training women and their birth partners to create calm, joyful births from anywhere in the world from only £149.

How does The Calm Birth School Home Study Program work? Unlike all of your other pregnancy-related appointments, we come to you! Our TCBS program is a online video course that will be delivered to your inbox once a week for four weeks. 12 short online videos so learning the secrets of positive birth can fit into the nooks and crannies of your day. You’ll feel completely taken care of in our private Facebook group.

What to expect

Module 1:

The Mind-
Body Connection

Why do some women give birth in excruciating pain, while others make it look like a walk in the park? How can you ensure that your experience will be the latter? It’s all about your brain. In this module, you’ll learn how your mind and body work together. We’ll share practical techniques that help you to have more control over them both, retraining your brain to think positively about your upcoming birth at a conscious and subconscious level. This is where the pregnancy jedi-mind tricks come in.

We’ll cover:

  • The 90-second Calm Birth School breathing technique – this will be your best friend on your baby’s birth day
  • Why labour stalls sometimes and 11 things you can do to get things moving naturally
  • What’s really happening in your body once you go into labour
  • 4 techniques for aiding your body’s natural process

Module 2:

Making your

In this online class you’ll learn how to create a safe, comfortable birthing environment – no matter where you’re giving birth. Speaking of where, you’ll also learn what to consider when choosing your care providers and what questions to ask before signing on the dotted line. We’ll also take a look at the role your due date plays your pregnancy and what choices you have around it.

We’ll cover:

  • Creating the safest, most comfortable birthing environment – in the hospital, your home, or even a hotel suite – and how that can result in a quicker labor
  • Why some women have to be induced, what inductions are, what you can do to avoid them, and how to manage them if you do need one
  • The 3 vital things to consider when selecting and working with your care providers,
  • Releasing subconscious fears around labour and birth

PLUS a bonus – Aromatherapy Cheat Sheet so you can make your delivery room smell just like that spa in Positano.

Module 3:


This week is all about THE big day. You’ll understand everything you can do, physically and emotionally, to prepare for your baby’s arrival. You’ll also get the crucial lowdown on what to expect and how to manage things as they change during your labour process.

We’ll cover:

  • How to start bonding with your baby even before he or she is born
  • The development of your baby last 12 weeks of pregnancy – this blow your mind!
  • The Calm Birth breathing technique that helps your baby and your uterus work in harmony
  • The dreaded question: Will I pooh all over my partner or the birthing pool?! We’ll share the real truth
  • 4 ways your partner can help distract and relax you – they LOVE knowing they have a clear role to play!

Module 4:

Mastering Your
Calm Birth Plan

By this time, you and your partner will have so many useful tools. So this week is all about putting the pieces together so that you know what to do when. You’ll have a clear picture of everything you’ll need to be aware of for the rest of your pregnancy and your labour.

We’ll cover:

  • How and when to use each of the techniques that you’ve learned
  • The birth partner’s checklist so they know exactly how to support you
  • “The baby’s out, now what?” – understand exactly what happens directly after birth
  • The best way to bond with your baby after he or she emerges
  • Special circumstances: a positive birth does not have to be a natural birth – we’ll give you the lowdown on how to navigate situations that may arise if you don’t have a straightforward delivery, so you’re not left in the dark.

And since we want to make sure you are taken care of from every angle, we’re throwing in some incredible online bonuses…

Epic Bonuses


Pregnancy Video Training

Prenatal Yoga from Your Living Room: Did you know it’s important to keep active during your labour? Prenatal yoga expert Katy Appleton from Apple Yoga will demonstrate simple yoga poses that are great for a healthy, calm, efficient birth. She’ll also show you great yet safe sequences to keep your body moving with ease and fluidity during your pregnancy. All from the ease of your own home!


Up Close & Personal
With the
Neighbourhood Midwives

What’s It Like After Your Baby Arrives? I’ve asked the Neighbourhood Midwives to share with you what in their many years of experience exactly what a new mama might need AFTER hear baby arrives, in those immediate weeks after birth. They’ll also provide useful tips on making this transition into life with your baby as fun, simple, and relaxed as possible.


Private Facebook
Group, connect
and share with mums

Our live, face-to-face clients find that getting to know other mums and mums-to-be is just as valuable as learning these calm birthing techniques. When you enroll, you’ll receive access to our private Facebook Group where Liz and I share the latest research to keep you informed of breakthroughs in calm-birthing techniques. Plus we’ll share inspiration to help you feel in control and so that you can connect and share with other mums and expecting mums in our community…all across the globe!

To sum it up, here’s a breakdown of everything you’ll get:

4 private video classes with Suzy – Value: £600
5 x MP3s for positive pregnancy and birth – Value: £35
Bonus videos from global experts – Value: £250
And a community of other parents on the exact same journey as you? Priceless.