About The Calm Birth School

We help women and birthing people to experience the most empowered & positive birth possible for their unique pregnancy and circumstances!

My name is Liz Stanford

If you have landed here, you are probably looking to train as a hypnobirthing instructor or perhaps you are pregnant…

My mission is a big one I want all women and pregnant people, everywhere, to realise how strong, powerful and amazing they are. During our lives, as women and pregnant people, we are often told by media or people around us (or even by ourselves) that we aren’t good enough or capable enough. We are often regarded as weak or fragile. This is not true. Women & birthing people are magnificent and their birth experiences can really help them to see that.

Your birth experience is the gateway to parenthood.

…but it is also the gateway to so much more. Experiencing a positive birth helps you to recognise your true potential, to witness your strength, power, courage and determination. What an amazing way to begin parenting! Feeling like you can not only take on the challenges of parenthood but also take on the world with a new belief about who you really are!

But what about
the pain?

As a positive birth believer, I fully know, accept, understand and have even experienced a painfree birth but this is not something that I will ever promise to someone else. Pain is such a subjective event and actually not all pain is the same! What The Calm Birth School offers is the support, education, connection, confidence, skills, empowerment, tools and techniques that are really needed as you prepare for birth. This enables you to have the most positive experience that you can, in your own unique birth circumstances. The added benefit of this is that the more confident and in control you feel, the more comfortable your birth will be and many of the women & birthing people who prepare with The Calm Birth School do so with little or no pain relief. Having said that if pain relief is wanted or needed, we fully support that choice.


The Calm Birth School supports ALL types of births. We are not striving to experience a perfect birth or to have a certain type of birth. We encourage women to consider and visualise the type of experience that they WANT but we ensure that you understand that all the things you have learnt on your hypnobirthing course can be applied to any situation you find yourself in. The concept of “a hypnobirth” does not exist within our culture but our belief is that Hypnobirthing is a set of techniques and a mindset that can be applied to any labour or birth situation to make the experience as positive as possible. There is no option to fail here. You cannot fail at birth.

No Vagina Whispering!

Running through our teaching is the ethos of relatable, accessible antenatal education. We stand out from other hypnobirthing methods because our materials, teachings and values are down to earth and practical. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our programme addresses issues experienced in maternity services and within society itself.

With each “in person” course a couple is provided with The Calm Birth Method book and 6 MP3’s. These materials have a non-flowery approach and there is NO vagina whispering whatsoever! We have specific MP3’s for our clients who do not identify as a woman and we have additional MP3’s for our Black and Brown clients.

At The Calm Birth School, we do not have an agenda. We are not prescriptive and our teachers are special! The Calm Birth School hypnobirthing instructors are free to structure their courses in the way they see fit (as long as ALL the juicy, life changing information is included) meaning that their classes are unique, dynamic and interesting! No reading from a book or a syllabus occurs!

Amazing Team!

To ensure that I fulfill the mission of The Calm Birth School, I have an amazing team of instructors teaching hypnobirthing (The Calm Birth School way) across the world and growing rapidly. They share the same values, passion and belief that I do. They are impacting many lives everyday by helping to create positive births and positive lives. We have a vibrant supportive community of both instructors and pregnant women (& people). The family vibe is truly alive!

If you are feeling the call and you are ready…I would love you to join us as an instructor!