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Hey! If you have landed here, you are probably pregnant or perhaps you are looking to train as a hypnobirthing instructor...

Well, bear with me because before we get into things, I just want to tell you a little story!

CAST LIST!! (Oh yes we are going there!)

Girl/Woman- Liz Stanford (Owner of The Calm Birth School)

Fairy Godmother- Suzy Ashworth (Founder of The Calm Birth School)

Piece of Fairy Godmothers heart- The Calm Birth School (the business)

There once was a girl who was very afraid of...

...pretty much anything could be inserted here but in this situation it was birth. She was afraid of ALL the PAIN and she was afraid of ALL the DRUGS.

She got pregnant.

She felt more fear (so much fear).

She found something rather amazing called Hypnobirthing! It educated her, it built up her confidence and it helped her to see her strength and power.

She gave birth and began to feel more like a woman than a girl.

She gave birth again and not only did she find her strength and her power, she found JOY in birth!

This woman knew she had to pass on this message of positive, transformative birth so she trained to teach Hypnobirthing. She was scared…so scared but she did it.

The woman had another baby. This experience was so challenging and wonderful, totally not to plan and with more plot twists than Hollyoaks but amazing all at the same time.

Slowly the woman started to reduce the hours at the ‘day job’ as she built up her business until eventually (spurred on by her Fairy God Mother- who will feature later) she jacked it in and jumped with all her might into the world of self-employment!

Her Fairy God Mother asked her one day to manage a business for her. This business was like a piece of the Fairy God Mother’s heart- it had been so precious to her but as with all Fairy God Mothers they sometimes have to fly off and sprinkle fairy dust over others who need it. So the Fairy God Mother asked the woman if she would take this part of her heart and place it into her own. The woman stopped managing and began owning…


Girl/Woman/Owner- Liz Stanford
Girl/Woman/Owner- Liz Stanford
Suzy Ashworth
Fairy Godmother/Founder/Author- Suzy Ashworth

And so here we are today...

Dodgy family photo!

Dodgy family photo!

I am the woman; Liz Stanford and I became the new owner of The Calm Birth School in October 2018. My Fairy God Mother (aka Suzy Ashworth) has entrusted this piece of her heart to me and I intend to take very, very good care of it.

I have 3 children and a husband and I have a passion for supporting women both in birth and in business. I am an experienced hypnobirthing teacher, trainer and a clinical hypnotherapist.

In terms of birth my passion is all connected to helping women to have a calm and positive birth experience… because YOU deserve it. You are destined to birth and I want you to know how powerful and transformative this experience can be.

The Calm Birth School On-line programme (currently still featuring Suzy Ashworth) helps the pregnant woman who usually has ALL her shit sorted take as much control as she can during her pregnancy (and birth) and let go of the stuff that she can’t control (and be totally ok with that).

In terms of business; The Calm Birth School boasts (and I really do mean boasts) a family of AMAZING Hypnobirthing Instructors teaching across the UK, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Philadelphia too. These women blow me away and are literally changing the way we prepare for birth…right now!

In 2017 I wrote the Instructor Training Programme for  The Calm Birth School and I have been training, mentoring & guiding brand-new instructors ever since. I am always on the lookout for the next group of empowering, uplifting women to help guide other women through the metamorphosis that is pregnancy, birth to motherhood. Maybe you are one of them?

That’s me stepping over the threshold of change, reaching out and grabbing onto the next exciting phase of my life. I know this is happening to you in a different way right now and I want you to know that…we got this!


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