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How to turn a breech baby!

Imagine a scenario with me if you will…You have been sailing through your pregnancy, planning to birth in birth center or perhaps at home when at a routine hospital appointment, you discover that your baby is breech. Momentary mad panic ensues because now, although you know you could have a vaginal breech birth, the advice…

What’s going to happen once your baby finally arrives?

Today I want to talk to you about what’s going to happen once your baby finally arrives.  It’s not something that we often talk about in the lead up to a birth.  We are absolutely consumed by creating the most positive experience, or hopefully you feel consumed by wanting to create the most positive birth…

What to Do in Early Labour?

Today I want to talk to you about early labour.  This should be one of the most exciting times of your whole pregnancy.  You have been waiting for months and months for this baby to arrive, and finally those twinges, maybe the cramping or the Braxton Hicks, are not a false alarm, and your baby…

Why We Have to be a B1tch About Birth?

Hey lovelies, today we are discussing why we sometimes have to be a bit of a bitch if we want to get the birth that we want.  Here’s the deal.  I hear so many women talk about how frustrated, how hurt, and in some cases how violated they feel about their first birth experiences. They…

Why We Don’t Hear More about Amazing Births?

Today I want to have a discuss with you on why we don’t hear more about amazing births.  Here’s the deal, whilst there are a lot of women out there who have incredibly crappy births for numerous reasons, which we’re not going to explore today, there are a growing number of women who are having…

Let’s Kill Us Vs Them!

Today’s blog is all about removing the idea of Us and Them.  Whether we are talking about birth or motherhood, there is some kind of movement or negativity in mainstream media that pits mothers against each other, but in our community at The Calm Birth School, it is never about us and them.  It is…

Can You Still Feel Amazing after Interventions?

I want to talk to you about the idea that women can feel amazing even if they end up having interventions during their birth. I think it’s fair to say that probably at least 85 if not 90% of the women that come through the Calm Birth School are there because they want to have…

Should I DIY my hypnobirthing?

Today I want to answer a question that was sent in from one of the fans of the page asking me if it was cool to DIY their hypnobirthing experience.  This is a really interesting one for me because I’m going to be really honest that I never had a hypnobirthing class. I bought a…


So, this week I wanted to talk to you about the power of affirmations and I want to know if you’re not using them yet. If not, why not? Affirmations are a fundamental part of The Calm Birth School Method and for good reason; despite some people in the past questioning how valid it is…

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