Sarah Ridley

Detailed Information
Hi!  I’m Sarah, I’m from Sunderland which is in the North East of the UK. I live with my Husband Michael and our little boy Isaac. As well as teaching Hypnobirthing I’m a Beauty Therapist and have had my business The Beauty Box for 6 years now. I love my job and the main reason being is that I love to help people feel good! And that’s obviously where my love for Hypnobirthing comes from too!
I first found Hypnobirthing myself when I was pregnant with Isaac in 2019, my lovely friend Zoe basically told me I was doing her course whether I liked it or not! (For this I am so thankful!)
Before doing the course I was expecting birth to be the most awful thing ever and I would probably accept any pain relief they offered!
I came away from that course actually looking forward to the birth & wanted to put everything I’d just learned into practice! I had a lovely straight forward water birth at home and I instantly started recommending Hypnobirthing to anyone that would listen! So here I am now beginning my teaching journey.
To me Hypnobirthing is something that everyone should consider!
You can go home with your beautiful baby feeling content that you were in control of your birth. And at the end of the day it’s something you’ll remember for the rest of your life! Why not remember it in a positive way?