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Growing up in Northern California opened my eyes to holistic wellbeing. From a young age I would feel at home strolling through the aisles of natural food shops, browsing in wonder and loving the lingering earthy patchouli scents. East London is now home, but that hippie spirit remains.

I trained as a chef at 21 in New York City and had a few different careers in the food industry but nothing quite clicked. Looking back, I realise I was missing the purpose behind the plate. Years later I completed a yoga teacher certification which brought me a little closer, but there was still something missing.

My own experience of becoming a mother shined a light on the need for the tradition of ‘mothering the mother’. As privileged as I was to have support from my husband and family, the transition into motherhood needed more support and attention.

It is support that reaches your roots– support that allows you to grow more fully into this new version of yourself. While the Western medical system is powerful and incredible when needed, it is not able to meet families on a holistic level in regards to becoming a parent.

My background in the wellness world, combined with an open-hearted curiosity, allows me to offer a comprehensive and holistic support package. Whether you choose to join me for transformative hypnobirthing sessions or seek the assistance of a doula, my intention is the same: to create a nurturing and safe space for you to embark on this incredible journey of self-discovery.

Parenthood is a transformative phase of life that was never intended to be faced alone. Together, we can explore, learn, and grow, as you navigate the beautiful challenges and joys that lie ahead.

Alongside caring for women and families, you’ll find me spending time with my family–husband, two spirited children and a lazy miniature schnauzer. Daily walks in nature, being in the kitchen, and heading to Ecstatic Dance nights with my friends are a few of the ways I nourish myself. My connection to living an intentional life and prioritising wellbeing is what I would love to share with you.