Charlene Ferguson

Detailed Information

Hi, I’m Charlene ??
I’m mum to Parker whose birthday is Christmas Day (great timing Charlene ?) and wife to Derek. On top of that, I’m also a daughter, niece, friend, personal toddler chef, professional dish washer, laundry queen, dog mum and countless other titles which I’m sure you can relate to, and now I’m adding hypnobirthing instructor to that list. I couldn’t be more excited about it, it’s time to be Charlene again and follow my passion!
I discovered hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with Parker and after completing a private course, I fell in love with it. It was so empowering taking control and educating myself about pregnancy, my body, labour and it gave my husband an important role to play and taught him how to be a supportive birth partner. Hypnobirthing allowed me to look forward to my labour with no fear and I was excited to experience labour and birth.
After many months of ‘mum mode’, I’m ready to share my passion, educate and empower other woman and birthing people alongside their birth partners, equipping them with the practical tools they need, giving them the confidence to experience a positive birth.