“You can do this! You got this!”

This weeks birth story comes from one of our on-line students, Kimberley Longoria (who had her baby back in 2016, which proves it is never too late to send your birth story in!).

In 2008, I had my first child, a beautiful baby girl, in the hospital. I thought my water had broke, but it was just a small leak. Since I was at the hospital, and things weren’t moving along as quickly as “they” wanted, we decided to induce with petocin. After a few hours of trying to withstand the pain with no pain reliever, I finally asked for epidural. A couple of hours later, on October 15, 2008, my beautiful baby girl was born.

Fast forward to 2016…I find out I’m pregnant with my second child in January. It’s a BOY! This time, I knew I wanted a HOMEBIRTH! I found my perfect midwife and began gathering information to help me along my new journey. I was given the Bradley Method book by my best friend who had a natural hospital birth. My midwife loaned me her Hynobabies birthing materials, which is what she used for her homebirth. And during my own research, I discovered the Calm Birth School, which seemed to be just the PERFECT fit for me. I quickly purchased the book and could NOT put it down. I read the entire book very quickly and then reread certain chapters that I knew would be very beneficial to me during my birthing experience.

I studied and studied and studied! A few weeks before the birth I made huge signs and posted them in my birthing room (my bedroom) that read things like -> RELEASE, RELAX, BREATHE, CALM, FOCUS, BE POSITIVE. I posted notes for each of the 3 breathing techniques next to my bed.

At 2:30am on 9/28/2016 my waves began. At 4:30am, at the suggestion of my husband, I called the midwife. We timed the waves and they were about 1 minute long and 5 minutes apart. My midwife got to my house less than an hour later and her assistant arrived shortly after. I sat on the birthing ball from 2:30am-5:30am as this position seemed to be the most comfortable. I then moved to my bed where I was in a “doggie” style position with pillows under my body helping to support me. My husband was by my side, holding my hand the entire time.

Then the rest of my birthing team started to arrive. My mother, the Caretaker, arrived and was busy tending to all of our needs. Soon after, my aunt, the Nurturer, arrived and began gently caressing my back with both of her hands, while standing at my head and moving her hands down and back up my back. IT WAS MAGICAL! My best friend, the Coach, showed up just in time with her overwhelmingly positive presence and supportive affirmations – “You can do this! You got this!”

My water broke at 7:30am. The waves were stronger and stronger. I had my Youtube Playlist playing a 3 hour video of the beach/waves crashing onto land followed by a video of a bonfire with a powerful Native American drumming. I just kept concentrating on releasing any tension from any part of my body and letting my pain be focused on my uterus. It was a CHALLENGE to say the least. It took a LOT of focus and determination to not TENSE up and I could NOT have done it without the instruction of the Calm Birth School and also each and every member of my birthing team. EVERY ONE of them had a special role that played a HUGE part in the success of my birth. I REALLY picked an INCREDIBLE group of people to support me during this unforgettable experience.

At 9:30am, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, Sebastian. Without the Calm Birth School techniques and guidance, I’m not sure my birth would have only lasted 7 hours. Without the GIFTED group of people by my side, I’m not sure my birth would have only lasted 7 hours. I am VERY grateful to the Calm Birth School & my wonderful family and friends for the support during my home birthing experience.

(Midwife with baby pictured)

Thank you for sharing your story Kimberley! If you have a story to share, please send it into info@thecalmbirthschool.com

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