What Working With an Independent Midwife Taught Me About Working With My Body?

As my youngest daughter approaches her eighth week on this earth and I feel as if the waves of hormonal emotions seem to be levelling out, I’ve been enjoying taking the time to reflect on all that the birth of Aluna Grace has brought with her earth-side. It’s really quite amazing when I think about it….Ooh, there go the tear ducts…again….

As a hypnobirthing practitioner and a supporter of literally thousands of women through my hypnobirthing program The Calm Birth School, it’s fair to say that when it comes to celebrating women and our bodies in all of their greatness and glory, it’s kind of my thing. But when it comes to myself and celebrating the journey my body takes during pregnancy I’ve always been the first to admit I’d give birth over 9 months (come on it’s really 10) over pregnancy every day of the week. So when my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our third and for our last time, I set the intention to reverse my pregnancy apathy. I did pretty well, until I didn’t…but even with my third trimester wobble, I still did very well…until I didn’t.

When it comes to pregnancy my body loves roasting my buns

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