Why Hypno Birthing Can Ease the fears of Expectant Mothers?

The number of celebrities and articles talking about how hypno birthing is helping them during their journey through pregnancy is amazing. It does so much to bring hypnobirthing into the main stream. However, despite all of the talk there are still big misunderstandings when it comes to what hypnobirthing can and can’t do.

The type of women that end up on hypnobirthing courses tend to fall into three camps. Those who trust their bodies and have a good understanding of how hypnobirthing can help during their labour so want to seal the deal with lessons. Those who are petrified of giving birth and are willing to give anything a go to help them feel more calm and those who have lots of pregnant friends who have done it. Aren’t totally convinced, but are prepared to give it a go.

This week’s vlog is about the women who have had the shiz scared out of them about giving birth and why learning the tools of hypnobirthing can make such a difference, without the hype. We promise to keep it real and share exactly why hypno birthing can help you feel more calm, confident and ready to give birth.

Alongside the transformations of our mamas and mamas-to-be, one of the biggest shifts we get to hear about are the changes in attitudes towards birth our Calm Birth School fathers experience. Whether they watch every video with you, or prefer to read the handbook. There is almost nothing more heart-warming to hear how a dad who was petrified for mamas safety during childbirth. Or who had been disengaged when it came to really supporting mama, had a complete turn around when it came to the birth preparation and birth support, because of what they had taken on board during the program. So, it’s not just mama and baby who benefits.

If you are interested in how hypno birthing can help you, your partner and baby enjoy a calm, confident and anxiety free birth, please sign up for our free hypnobirthing classes here. www.thecalmbirthschool.com/freehypnobirthing.


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