when your waters break they sure break!

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely couple who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Bryony Bugg of Beefearless Hypnobirthing based in Cyprus as well as running On-Line courses. 

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with is! 

At 37 weeks our baby was measuring in the 95th percentile and our Consultant stated that we had two options, either an induction at 39 weeks or a planned C-Section from 38 weeks.  

Due to being a high risk pregnancy from the start we had already prepared ourselves through the help of our Hypnobirthing course with Bryony and had a set out a birthing plan. We purchased tea lights and DVD’s and my snack bag had been refilled a couple of times already! We were too organised some would say…. 

This knocked the wind out of our sails, as our plan wasn’t going to plan anymore! But listening to the consultant and midwife, along with using our BRAINS we decided the end result was for a healthy baby and made the decision to move forward with a planned C-Section. 

2nd December 2020 came around rather quickly and as we set off for our 1.5hr car journey to Aberdeen Hospital the nerves starting to kick in. With 10 minutes left of the journey I received a phone call from the hospital to state that due to an emergency there would be no planned C-Sections happening today and it was now set for the 4th December 2020. 

We turned around and went back home, bittersweet as it were we got home in time to watch the live streaming of my nana’s funeral. Also when we left the house my husband had forgotten to lock the front door – the key was in the lock for all the world to see! 

I remember the initial chats with Bryony at the start of the course and the sense of relief I got from dealing with the possibility of change and that the birth you envisage may not happen and that’s ok. This helped me to stay calm when we had to turn back home and I was able to reset my emotions ready for a couple of days’ time. 

We decided as our dog, Newton was in doggy day care for a few days that we would drive over to Aberdeen on the Thursday (03/12/2020) evening and stay in a hotel for the night so we were close to the hospital and thus have a short casual drive to the hospital the next morning. 

The morning of the C-Section arrived and I had a little bit of nerves but I just kept repeating I am ready to give birth to my baby girl’. 

At 8.50am I felt the urge for a wee and as I sat on the toilet there was a ‘pop’ sound, I didn’t think anything of it until I stood up and as I was washing my hands my waters broke. There were times over the last few days when I thought my waters had broken, but oh no, when your waters break they sure break! We called the hospital and let them know, they confirmed as I was already booked in for 10.30am to come along at the same time. The oxytocin’s started pumping around as it all became very real, with my waters still breaking (if this is the term) we drove to the hospital. 

When we arrived there were already several pregnant couples waiting for their turn, after an hour of waiting we were seen and had the usual check-ups prior to a C-Section. As my waters had broken they had pushed us to the top of the list, I never had any contractions but my waters continued to release up until we walked down to theatre at 1.45pm. All suited and booted the dreaded cannula and epidural injections happened, this is where I was able to control my fear through breathing and knowing through each breath I was getting closer to meeting my baby. 

As the drugs kicked in and the operation commenced I started to go into shock but with Lee by my side counting my breaths I was able to keep it under control, when they lowered the screen I knew we were nearly there, we opted for delayed clamping of the cord and skin on skin straight away, Evie Otter Wales was in my arms, all 9lb 3oz of her at 2.39pm with Lee cutting the cord. 

Lee and I both agreed although we went through a caesarean birth the knowledge that we picked up through the Hypnobirthing course with Bryony helped us live out a calm and happy birth. 

If you want to create your own positive birth you can start today! 

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