What is your love language?


My love language- Quality Time. It is how I receive love & it is how I give love

In the lead up to going on the Suzy Ashworth retreat, I was anxious about leaving my kids. One of my few triggers these days is leaving my family
I knew I needed to show my love in a way they would understand & appreciate when I returned. So I booked us a mini fam holiday, near the sea 

Since the retreat I can clearly see that connection is how I show all my loved ones that;

I’m here

I’m listening

I feel you

I get you

I understand 

This is something that vibrates through my business too

It’s why, before anyone joins TCBS as an instructor they MUST go through an application process which involves completing a questionnaire and having a call with me

I need to know that you are right for my #TCBSfamily and that we are right for you 

If you are a TCBS Instructor, you know you can get some time with me to unload, to share,for me to listen, to get some advice, bounce ideas around and I’m not going to judge you or dictate to you. I’m here to guide, support & encourage

And it’s not just me- the entire #TCBSFamily’s love language is connection as a whole. Imagine dipping into a community of worldly wise women who…just knew and were ready to support you

I’m a big fan of the ‘online’ world (do I sound 80?) it makes things more accessible, affordable, easier but nothing can beat the connection that comes from being face to face with people who are like you, who you admire and who inspire you

That’s why a face to face element of TCBS training is a MUST & it’s why I want to get TCBS Instructors together, in person as often as I can 

Are you getting what you need from those around you? Are giving in a way that fulfils you? 

If you need a wider community, a bigger family, a network that serves you and you can serve it- join us! We might not be your blood family but we can be your biz family

Email liz@thecalmbirthschool.com, if you want to train as a TCBS Instructor spreading birth love & joy in your local area or if you are an already trained and experienced Hypnobirthing instructor looking for your tribe ?? 


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