what a beautiful labour

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely couple Alexandria and Matthew who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Bryony Bugg of Beefearless Hypnobirthing based in Cyprus as well as running On-Line courses. 

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with is!

During this pregnancy I felt very anxious after a traumatic first birthing experience. I had a lot of self-doubt and blamed my body for the difficulties we ran into the first time around. I felt as though I didn’t trust my body to do what it had to do. But after having Bryony’s hypnobirthing classes I felt like a new woman! I was so confident in what I was about to do and found inner trust that my body would guide me through what needed to happen as long as I kept calm, and positive. I trusted that I would release all the correct hormones to make this delivery relaxed and positive.  

We were induced at 38 weeks due to having Gestational Diabetes and a previous large baby (11ib 1oz). I had 2 sweeps prior to being admitted to hospital, which both were unsuccessful (the midwife said she couldn’t find my cervix). On admission to the hospital surprisingly I was already 3cm! therefore skipped the initial step of induction (cook balloon) and could go straight to labour suite to have my waters broken. At this point I had no feelings of being nervous, I felt excited for the journey my husband, myself and my baby were about to take.  

When Labour started my husband, and I were in a private room on the delivery suite. We had 2 assigned midwives due to my complicated first delivery. We had twinkle lights up and the main lights dimmed, it was very peaceful. I felt extremely calm and focused on the breathing techniques Bryony had taught me. My husband was also on board with this and guided me through when I was finding the surges especially challenging. Bryony had educated him on breathing techniques therefore he felt confident in what he was speaking about, which ultimately kept me focused. I had no pain relief by choice, but I used my breathing techniques as a form of pain relief. My husband spoke to me about enjoyable times we had in the past, and how excited we both were to meet our baby, to keep me focused on the task in hand. The midwives commented on what a beautiful labour we were experiencing and how calm we both were. I thank Bryony for this.  

As we approached the end of labour, I began to find it quite difficult, but I kept drawing my mind back to my breathing techniques and they helped guide me through surges. When I was 10cm dilated I found trust that this moment my body knew what to do. I felt the urge to push without the guidance of the midwife, but they had already confirmed I was dilated to push when I felt ready. Our daughter was born in 2 pushes! I was not expecting it to be that quick but was so glad when it was!  

When we met our baby for the first time, I felt so overwhelmed for what we had achieved, and grateful to Bryony. We had had a very traumatic first birth, one which haunted us for a long time. My birth with my second daughter has healed me from my first experience.  


I would 100% recommend hypnobirthing to anyone. Bryony is a fantastic teacher and I recommend her to anyone and everyone! There are no words to describe how grateful we are to Bryony and any family who are doubting doing a hypnobirth should definitely reconsider. If we were to have another, I would redo the course with her again, she was simply wonderful. 



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