We were just sat on the sofa with a well deserved pizza and a new baby

For the birth of my second child (My daughter Bowie) I decided to give Hypnobirthing a go. With my first birth I didn’t know a lot but think I am one of the lucky few who actually had a relatively positive birth even though I knew nothing.

However when I found my self pregnant again I decided although it hadn’t been a bad birth that this one could be a better one.

I did Hypnobirthing with Annalie from Birth Harmony. It was amazing and at the end of my course I had changed my mind and wanted a home birth (never thought I’d ever do that!)

The morning I went into labour I woke up around 6 feeling a bit ‘ funny’

Nothing like with my first labour so thought I was just you know…. heavily pregnant.

Around an hour later I was getting regular surges but again didn’t think much of it as I could move and talk and was happy with them. I was convinced it was just some braxton hicks (I had never had them before so didn’t know what they felt like).

Around 9 am I decided I would call my mum to come and get my son ‘just incase’.

My husband kept asking should I fill up the birthing pool. I kept saying no because I really didn’t feel like I was in labour still.
I was calm and happy and just relaxing.

By 10:30 my husband said he was going to call the midwives to come out and just check. They arrived about 45 minutes later and asked if they could do a vaginal examination. I was happy for them to do this because quite frankly I still wasn’t sure it was actually going to happen. Partly because I felt so relaxed and partly because it was my due date (what babies actually come one their due dates? Mine, both of mine!)

When she examined me she said ‘ok well you at 8 cms, so if you want to use that pool we better get it sorted’.

My poor husband then had to rush to sort the pool out (which he had been wanting to do for hours!)   I got in the pool, still very relaxed and kind of floated around a bit and had a laugh with my husband.
The surges started to get a little stronger so I asked for some gas an air. At which point my body took over and just started pushing.

My midwives asked me to slow down with the pushing, to which my reply was ‘you are talking to the wrong person, the babies come whether you like it or not’ and within about 2 minutes of pushing (it also wasn’t really pushing at all, my body just did it’s things and I kind of just had to give in to it) my daughter was born.

She was amazing and had the shortest umbilical cord. Once it had stopped pulsating and looked ready my husband cut the cord.

Midwives sorted everything out and were gone within a few hours.
And there we were just sat on the sofa with a well deserved pizza and a new baby.

Hypnobirthing was incredible and I was so calm I didn’t even believe I was in labour for the majority!

If you want to create your own positive birth you can start today!

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