We Had To Opt For An Emergency E Section

This week’s birth story comes from the gorgeous couple who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Sarah Ridley of Your Birth covering Sunderland, UK.

Thank you for sharing your birth story of gorgeous baby Freya!


“We did our course with Sarah and we can’t recommend or thank her enough, going into the end of the pregnancy we felt really prepared and ready for the birthing experience.


We ended up opting to be induced at 41 weeks for a few different reasons, unfortunately this was not part of our ideal birthing plan. We had hoped for a natural birth with as little intervention as possible.


On the Wednesday we went into the hospital and the induction started, the contractions starting pretty much right away but using the breathing techniques and positions taught to us they were manageable, me and my other half were very positive to the whole experience and just taking it as it came.


Unfortunately, my blood pressure started to rise which resulted in me getting Pre-eclampsia, due to this they wanted me on my back with heart rate monitors attached for me and the baby. We really didn’t want me laid on my back for all the reasons taught to us by Sarah. We asked for a way for me to be able to kneel and be on my front, but they were unable to use the heart rate monitors correctly to make this possible. While laid on my back the baby turned in my belly, still head down but now back to back which caused a huge amount of pain for me – the contractions were manageable but the back pain caused us to opt for an epidural.


After the epidural we laboured for 36 hours it got to a point where I was almost fully dilated, I was absolutely exhausted, and we had to opt for an emergency c section to be able to get the baby out safely. I was still able to feel things with the epidural, so I did have to get knocked out fully.


We definitely did not have the birth we had planned / hoped but going into the labour and while in the hospital we felt in control and able to make informed decisions. This was all thanks to the course, teaching us that we can say what we want and it’s our choice. Again, Sarah made a massive difference to our pregnancy journey from bump to baby.


Our little Freya was born on the Thursday night, and we couldn’t be any more in love with her!”


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