“They told me how calm and into myself I was during labour. This is ALL thanks to hypnobirthing.”

This Birth Story blew me away!!!! Thanks so much to Gemma & Jim who have shared the story of their second Hypnobirth… with Twins!

“As per the doctor’s advice I was due induction at 36 weeks. I had been having on-off niggles for the week before and was due a sweep on the Monday. I had made a decision that I was happy to go in for one, but more to see what was going on so I could prepare for the following day.

I was 1-2 cm dilated and decided a sweep was fine, mostly because I wanted to avoid hormone drugs to induce labour. Whilst I had some surges in the evening, they settled off by bedtime.

The following day I called the hospital to see if the bed was ready for induction. I was told to call back at 2, but after a chat with Jim I called them back to clarify. I was concerned they didn’t seem to know it was a twin pregnancy – they did, but I was actually lower risk than some of the others due in!

When I explained about the findings at the sweep the day before, they suddenly said I could come straight to delivery suite as they could probably break my waters to start things off.

As soon as we got there, Jim set about making it the right atmosphere. Music on, aromatherapy oils going. My midwife was lovely and both she and my consultant read my hypnobirthy birth plan and came back and had a really good chat with me about what I was happy with etc. It was a very empowering conversation and whilst I agreed to monitoring if the surges were regular, I felt very happy with this.

They examined me (3cm) and broke my waters at 1pm. The surges started straight away and my midwife said my body would remember what to do.

I became lost in my world of surge breathing. I asked for some gas and air after an hour or so and after two surges with the gas and air, I announced to Jim that they had reminded me of Grace. I then sobbed between this and my next surge (transition!). I announced to my midwife that I felt I needed to push; amazingly they told me to trust my body and no one examined me.

They lost some trace on the twins, so the consultant came in and another midwife. I told them I wanted to push and was given the same answer. I was birthing breathing the baby. I said I couldn’t do it – then on the next surge I felt Jack come out! I heard him cry and asked if he was okay. Everyone looked confused, and I questioned whether I had imagined it, but felt his leg against my foot and said “He is here!” I looked under the sheet and his wide eyes were looking at me. They looked and saw I had given birth and quickly put him to my chest surprised!

They put up a drip to keep contractions going and after 5 mins I asked if Jim could take him. They said the cord would have to be cut before it stopped pulsating, but I knew Daniel was coming and couldn’t hold Jack during this. The midwife asked if I could let them know when I was going to deliver Daniel, so I raised my hand to say “Now!”

He came out in his sac. After the sac was opened he was put on me,  whilst Jack was having skin to skin with Jim. It was perfect.

So many people came to say “Well done” and told me how calm and into myself I was during labour. This is ALL thanks to hypnobirthing. I knew the three of us could do it and we did.

We are home, they are feeding and I am so happy. Thank you, Liz, for everything.

G xxxx”


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