This course helped me have an amazingly calm not ‘normal’ vaginal birthing experience that shocked even the nurses!”

“Thank you so much between the breathing, setting my expectations, and retraining my brain to what birth could actually be like, this course helped me have an amazingly calm not ‘normal’ vaginal birthing experience that shocked even the nurses!”

Leslie did our the online TCBS Hypnobirthing Course and has kindly shared her amazing story! Leslie has written the story as if she is telling it to her child, Liam .

“Birth story – written to Liam:

October 30th (Due date):

I started noticing a little pink spotting and then bright red blood early in the afternoon around 11am. By 8:55pm I had left a message for the advise nurse to check whether I should be concerned or if it just meant that labor would be starting soon. She decided to error on the side of caution and told me to go in to the Virginia Hospital Center to get checked and at that time I was only 2 cm and not in active labor, so they sent me home to continue laboring.

October 31st:

We came home and all was good until about 12:30am Halloween Morning when I started feeling really uncomfortable. I started to time my first couple contractions around 12:40pm, which started off off at 20-40 seconds in length every TWO minutes!! They typically advise women to come in when they are 40-60 seconds every four minutes, I didn’t get that luxury, but honestly thought I must of been mistiming the contractions… I was consistently having contractions and was unfortunately very constipated, which only increased my discomfort, so I was desperately trying to breath and work some of the resistance out of my body to ease the contraction pain.

By 2:38am your daddy had convinced me to call the advise nurse again after we both started realizing that I was no longer just trying to have a bowel movement but that my body had actively and mostly on its own accord started to push you down.

The advise nurse excitedly urged us to call 911 and an ambulance, but daddy thought that was going to take far to long and loaded me and Nana Douglas into his charger at 2:56am and raced to the hospital, running red lights, And me trying to control my breathing and not push during the bumpy car ride all while I could feel your head getting lower and lower.

Luckily you chose early morning and there was no traffic we were able to turn a normally 30+ minute trip into an 18 minute trip, however I still didn’t think we were going to make it in time, but daddy got us to the hospital right around 3:15am and wheeled me up to the third floor where a group of wonderful nurses jumped into action and got me all hooked up to IVs and ready to go.

Nana stayed behind to park the car and made it to my bedside around 3:31am to find the doctor and nurses already telling me to push, after a few pushes your daddy said he could see the top of your head and I was able to reach down and feel it myself! The last 8 minute stretch was the most difficult but within a few pushes you were out and placed in my arms at 3:39am! The feeling of shock and pure happiness that spread over me was incredible. Just to finally get a look at the little creature who was growing inside me and jumping around on my bladder for 40 weeks and 1 day was so overwhelming. You were so calm and barely made any noise except for some exceptionally cute cooing and a loud sucking of your fist and knuckles. You were and are perfect!

At some point after they handed you to me I heard the doctor ask your daddy if he’d like to cut the umbilical cord, which he did and later said that it was a lot tougher than he had expected it to be!

After that the nurses came around to do some routine care and asked if they could take you across the room, but I was not nearly ready to let you go yet so they did all the care with you on my chest. They cleaned you up a little, put in eye ointment, gave you a vaccine, and generally made sure you were a healthy boy!

Shortly after that they wheeled us to our room where we stayed until late afternoon Thursday November 1st.”

Congratulations to this lovely family and many thanks to them for sharing this wonderful story!

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