The Next Day – We Were Home

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely couple Georgina and Lee who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Refresher Course with Charlotte Inkpin of Hypnobirthing with Charlotte. Covering areas across Braintree, Essex.

Georgina and Lee already had one hypnobirth with their son George – this time they were expecting TWINS! Georgina really hoped for a vaginal birth and that labour would start spontaneously! Charlotte contacted Georgina on 15th June, her 36-week check-up – no babies…little did they know it was their last morning of a family of 3 before they grew to a family of 5!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!

“I was definitely more firm and was able to question things and say no re my choices. I heard Lee sticking up for me re the cannulas but to be fair they were needed. Although one was put in wrong again.

They broke Rupert’s waters mid surge and I remember shouting at them asking if they had to do it while I was surging. I declined the head clip monitor too and remember overhearing them say that I wouldn’t allow them to do it. Honestly don’t think they even looked at my birth plan again! But I wasn’t afraid to tell them no.

The breathing was probably the most valuable thing to get me through. I used them for other procedures too like the catheter and cannulas coming out.”


5.30 pm I thought labour might be starting, I felt regular cramps but thought it probably wasn’t labour as I’m used to being overdue!

6.15pm I started timing the surges, 3-4 minutes apart until 6.45pm

6.30pm Lee put our little boy George to bed

6.45pm the surges were about every 2 minutes

6.45pm my waters broke and trickling

7pm phoned for my sister to come round

7.30pm sister arrived, my waters continued to leak with surges

7.45pm we started to leave the house, I could barely walk

8pm finally managed to sit in the car, waters leaking everywhere?!?

8.15pm we arrived at hospital and was wheeled in by wheelchair

8.30pm we arrived at the Labour Unit and they showed us to our room. I got on the bed, the monitors were on, cannulas were inserted, I asked for gas & air. I was scanned to check the babies positions, then I was examined – I was 10 cms dilated and involuntary pushing – gown on!

9.09pm James was born (cephalic) – I had a quick hold

9.20pm I was wheeled to theatre as a precaution as Rupert was transverse. Lee had to wait outside for a while. I had more gas & air and was on an oxytocin drip to help keep the surges going. My legs were put up in stirrups, and the doctors broke my waters.

9.39pm Rupert was born breach, the nurses cleaned him up and laid him next to me for a few minutes.

9.45pm both placentas were born, I did have 2nd degree tear so was stitched up.

10.00pm we were taken back to the labour room

3pm The Next day – we were home!!


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