The Moment She Started To Cry I Think My Heart Stopped

This week’s birth story comes from the gorgeous Noemi who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Jade Edwards of Embrace Hypnobirthing covering Dorking, Surrey.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful birth story of baby Noa with us!

Noa’s birth history 01.01.2022 12:49pm


“As soon as we found out that we were expecting a baby we took a very relaxing perspective. We heard about hypnobirthing and we decided to contact Jade for a session. This was very helpful and enjoyable!! We were surprised of the number of helpful things we could do.

Since the session we practiced breathing techniques and also listen to the audios. I also read on my spare time the hypnobirthing book and shared the info with my husband. I have to say that during birth the breathing techniques helped me through the more challenging moments!!

Let’s talk a little bit about the bid day. Noa was 8 days’ late despite of trying all the things people say to induce labour naturally as spicy food, walks, dates. We really wanted her to be born before Christmas.

On New Year’s Eve, my husband and I went for a drink to the local pub. I suddenly felt that something wasn’t right and found out that I was bleeding a little bit. I decided to call the midwives who advised me to go to the hospital for a check-up. From the moment I arrived at East Surrey hospital at around 5pm I was treated so nicely and everyone was so helpful with us. They were not sure why I was bleeding so they decided to keep me in the hospital for four hours and monitor the bleeding. They also checked if I was dilated at all as I had a sweep three days before. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so they suggested to induce labour, something that I was against completely.

They suggested giving us time to think about it, something that we really appreciated.

Around 12 o’clock, about 4 hours later, I was 3 cm dilated so they decide to take me to a delivery room. Unfortunately, just before this I tested positive for Covid, resulting in changing my water birth plan. I always had in mind that something like this could happen, and my birth plan could be changed so I was prepared and quickly adapted to this new situation and started enjoying every single moment.

The midwifes were absolute gems. We couldn’t leave the room at all as I was positive for covid so they had to also play the role of waitresses :).

My husband and I spent a lot of time playing games in a very dark room surrounded by candles until the moment the waves become very strong. At this point I requested an epidural something that I didn’t have in mind but as I couldn’t give birth in the water I requested it! I had to wait at least an hour to have it done because Noa was asleep and they couldn’t monitor her heartbeat. I have to say this hour was the hardest but I kept saying my favourite phrase from hypnobirthing “each wave brings me closer to Noa”. My husband and the midwives were also very encouraging and knew what to do and say and what not to so do and say, at all times.

Noa arrived at 12:49 on New Year’s Day and I cannot explain with words the feeling of Noa’s emerging and arriving to the world!! The moment she started to cry I think my heart stopped!! She was so sweet.

I had skin to skin time with Noa and my husband cut the umbilical cord.

Afterwards I had to go to theatre as I had a third degree tear, where I fell asleep completely. I was exhausted!! Everyone in the theatre were lovely and explained everything to me. In the meantime, my husband was looking after Noa with help from the midwives.

We spent 2 days in hospital and then we went home as a family of three!!


In general, I have to say that I had a very positive birth and enjoyed it!!”

If you want to create your own positive birth you can start today!

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