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The Mindful Breastfeeding School

If you’re thinking about breastfeeding you need to check out our new breastfeeding program in collaboration with The Breastfeeding School. If you want to give yourself the best chances of breastfeeding for the length of time you desire and don’t have to the time of the money to invest in going to an in person class this is the next best option for you.


Do It Like A Mother

Motherhood, Mindset & Mentoring- Birth & motherhood are our most transformative moments. They have the potential to catapult us into our highest selves, or to rob us of our power. Do it Like A Mother are on a mission to make sure as many women as possibe end up in that first camp. Being a mother is challenging and more of us need to know we can take it on and crush it.


TEDx Talk: How Snapchat Can Change The Way We Give Birth Forever

One of the biggest challenges modern women face when it comes to preparing for birth in a positive way, is understanding how and why they can and should belief in themselves and their bodies. After being bombarded with a lifetime of negative imagery and stories and an increasingly medicalised environment for birth. The only way this will change is by women witnessing real women giving birth, calmly and positively. This is not something that happens frequently enough in the programs that document birth at present. And where social media does have the capacity to impact the way we consume other people’s birth stories changing the perception of what’s possible for ourselves.

In this TEDx talk I explore how social media and Snapchat in particular are going to help redress the balance, as women get direct access to fear free births, in real time online.

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