hospital birth

How long should I wait before going to hospital?

How long should I wait before I go to hospital when I am in labour? The honest answer is how long is a piece of string, but that’s not very helpful so I wanted to share with you a couple of general rules of thumb. Often first time mums are told to go to hospital…

“It’s not a conventional hypnobirthing story but the principles can still apply.”

Dear Suzy, I am lying here listening to my 11 day old baby boy Oscar snuffling away in his cot and thought I’d write you my birth story. It’s not a conventional hypnobirthing story but maybe one that shows whatever happens the principles can still apply. I went into early stages of labour on a…

I Knew This Birth Had To Be Different…..

We wanted to share Claire’s birth story today. Her second birth surpassed all expectations! After a rather stressful first birthing experience with my son 3 years ago where everything that could go wrong – did, I was determined to have a more positive experience this time around and boy I did, mainly thanks to the hypnobirthing skills…

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