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“I was so afraid. I was so uneducated about birth. I had no idea…”

This is me aged 27 pretty much straight after the birth of my first child. This was the start of it all. The start of a journey that led me through 2 more births, into parenting 3 children and the beginning of understanding myself more.   I was so afraid. I was so uneducated about…

Is it you?

    A little story… There was a once a woman, a woman who thought that she wasn’t strong. This woman became pregnant! She was over the moon! Excited is an understatement! But once that excitement simmered down she felt the fear. The fear of the unknown. The fear of her body failing her (which…

What to do if you don’t trust your body?

I want to talk about what you can do if you’re having doubts about whether your body is up for the job of birth. It came up as question in The Calm Birth School community and I know if one person posts about it, there will be a whole other bunch of women wondering about…

Welcoming Aluna Grace!

So it’s been just over three weeks since we welcomed Aluna Grace into the world and as much as I’ve wanted to share her birth story, this is the first time I’ve actually sat down at my desk since her birth to write…and I’m not going to lie, being out of the groove it’s been…
Deep breathing in labour

Why your deep breathing may not work during labour?

Just a quick on from me today, I am in baby mode, which is lovely! And I wanted to hop on and share why your deep breathing might not work during labour. I have been getting crazy mad Braxton Hicks during the end of this pregnancy, so much so that I’ve even called up my…

How long should I practise my hypnobirthing techniques every day?

I saw a comment in a Facebook Group couple of days ago with a lady asking, “Do I need to be practicing for one hour a day?” It’s something that comes up quite a lot, particularly when people find the Calm Birth School, or whatever hypnobirthing method that they’ve signed up to, quite late in…

3 Common Hypnobirthing Mistakes

So I think we have established that hypnobirthing does work….for some. But what about the people who feel that for whatever reason it didn’t work for them on the day. From the work I have done with thousands mothers over the last 18 months there are definitely common themes for the mothers who find The…

I Knew This Birth Had To Be Different…..

We wanted to share Claire’s birth story today. Her second birth surpassed all expectations! After a rather stressful first birthing experience with my son 3 years ago where everything that could go wrong – did, I was determined to have a more positive experience this time around and boy I did, mainly thanks to the hypnobirthing skills…

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