surges can’t hurt you they are you

This Weeks birth story comes from a lovely couple Lilly and Ben, who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Charlene Scantlebury of Good Vibes Calm Birth Hypnobirthing, covering the Bedfordshire area   

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us! 

On the evening of Sunday, the 27th September I was starting to get really restless after dinner, I was up and moving about and my back hurt so I was just really fidgety.
My husband Ben told me to have a bath so I had a nice long bath and listened to some affirmations.
After that I went to bed, lit a candle and finished my CBS book!!

I fell asleep feeling really good at about 11pm.

I then woke up at 5am to a pop and my waters released! I had to lay there a bit to realise what had just happened and as it wasn’t too early in the morning, I decided to wake my husband.
I went and got into the bath as it was coming out at quite a rate!
I stayed very calm and told my husband what I needed him to do (get the car ready etc)
I phoned the hospital and as the waters had released, they wanted us to come in so we very calmly got ready, got in the car and went.

In the car I started to feel surges so this was around 6.45am.
We got to the hospital and I had to go to a ward where I’d be assessed and at this moment in time it was ‘bye bye‘ to my husband until I was in ‘established’ labour  which made me anxious but I kept on breathing and going through my affirmations knowing that he wouldn’t go far.

The surges came and went for the whole of Monday, I was on the ward all day, it wasn’t a very relaxed ward, lots of women screaming and nurses rushing etc, so I just cocooned myself in my little section and just kept myself to myself, constantly breathing through surges and reminding myself with each one that it was bringing me closer to her. (I stayed in touch with my husband the whole time which made me calm as well)

At around 10pm they checked me and I was 3cm dilated. I was a bit disheartened, but it was ok I told myself. My husband came back and I went outside for a walk with him which made me feel a lot calmer.
At 12pm the surges were getting more and more intense and I told the Midwifes I needed to be checked! My cervix was still at this point 3cm… 

All I remember at this point is standing and thinking just breathe, the ‘surges can’t hurt you they are you’ and they are likely to get worse than this so best thing to do is stay calm!!
I had some pethidine before which was nice so I asked again for more but the Midwife’s took for ever getting it to me and by this time I started to feel immense pressure like I needed to push, I shouted out ‘I NEED TO PUSH!’ And I think that got their attention LOL 
A nurse came in and said ‘no, no you were only 3cm a short while ago!’ And I think at this point I didn’t fail to share with her true emotion lol. 
So, she checked me again and I went from 3cm to 9cm in the space of an hour….. all on my own, without making any fuss and without any pain relief whatsoever.

They acted pretty quickly, I was wheeled out on the bed to the delivery ward, my husband was in the corridor!! Lucky, he made it really. I went straight in to a private room where they gave me gas and air and after about 3/4 big surges and very deep breathes, Ebony was here!

The midwife couldn’t believe I’d spent all that time in the ward before without any help, she also commented on my delivery saying that she’s not ever seen first time mums push the way I pushed.
I’m incredibly proud of myself. And it goes without saying I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help and guidance.

I just remember constantly telling myself ‘was that surge bearable? Can you handle another one like that? Yes? Ok keep going then!’
My husband Ben was amazing in the delivery room, he was super calm and did light touch massage.
That moment when you get irritated that we spoke about happened, he was stroking my arm and I was telling him to get off!! LOL

I remained determined during my birth. I was incredibly proud of myself, surprised how well I dealt with pain and how much I could handle without any pain relief.

Thank you, Charlene, for giving me the confidence to believe in myself and have my own positive birth experience. 


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