Successful, Unmedicated VBAC I Had Wished For

This week’s birth story comes from Chelsea who gave birth to Ivy after attending Hypnobirthing sessions with Katie Daibess of Your Birth and Becoming, covering Troy, Michigan in the USA.

Thank you for sharing this gorgeous story with us!

“We welcomed Ivy Delany Juntila on her due date of 5/8/2022 at 4:49 making for an extra special Mother’s Day. She gave me my spontaneous VBAC delivery.

I had been to see my midwife the prior Thursday with the intention of having my first cervical check and membrane sweep. I was trying all I could to avoid a repeat cesarean that was scheduled for 5/13. At that appointment I wasn’t dilated at all. I spent the weekend walking, doing stairs sideways, all the natural things to get labor started. Saturday night I went to bed a had a couple random contractions. By 2:45 am they were every 2-3 minutes for 1 minute but bearable. Woke up my husband and called the midwife. She advised me to come in and see where I was at. Once we got to the hospital around 5 am, I was at a 1.

They let me choose if I want to stay or go home. We decided to go home and say good morning to our toddler before he left to stay with his grandparents. I labored at home for a couple of hours before heading back into the hospital around 11 before contractions got too intense for the car. I was at a 3 and was admitted. My midwife couched me into various positions while her and my husband provided various physical supports (hip squeezes, counter pressure at my low back, etc).

Around 3 pm I asked to be check again when things were getting intense. I was at a 6 with a bulging water bag. My midwife gave me the option to break it or wait it out. I had a couple more contractions and my water broke spontaneously before I could answer. About 30 min later I was fully dilated and after 15 minutes of pushing Ivy Delany was born at 9 lb 1.5 oz and 21 inches. I successively had the unmedicated VBAC I was wishing and planning for.

Ivy has been the perfect addition to our family. Can’t wait to see who she becomes!”

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