“…once they started it all happened very quickly!…”

This week’s Birth Story comes from the lovely  Debbie and Paul on the beautiful birth of Neve – thank you so much for sharing.


” I thought I’d take this quiet moment to let you know that our little girl arrived at 2.20am on 21st September. We were due to be induced later that day but thankfully things started naturally the day before and once they started it all happened very quickly!
We had a bit of a worrying start as I seemed to be losing some fresh blood so went to the triage. They examined me and I was 7cm dilated already and it was just quite a bloody show.
From there we went to the MLU, had some gas and air and got in the bath. I have to say that once I was in the water I actually enjoyed the experience!
I never thought I would say this but I was actually looking forward to the contractions coming as I could feel baby getting closer and closer to us!
Active labour was recorded as 2.5 hours but I think It may have been more like 3, either way it was still over very quickly!
Hypnobirthing definitely helped us in many ways even if we didn’t have time to get our well packed hospital bag out of the car!!
Thanks again for all of your help,
Debbie, Paul and Neve X “

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