She Peed On Me…It Was Hilarious

This week’s birth story comes from the amazing couple Ashley & Scott who gave birth to Kaya Lynn after attending Hypnobirthing sessions with Katie Daibess of Your Birth and Becoming, covering Troy, Michigan in the USA.

Thank you for sharing your story with us!

“Contractions started around 1am, felt like heavier period cramps. They were lasting about 30 seconds to a minute, spaced 4-7 minutes apart. I felt a little emotional & scared knowing it was going to get harder and started questioning if I could get through it. I was just getting in my own head. I started to focus on my wave breathing and count to 5. That really helped! 

I got up and went downstairs around 4am and started tidying up a bit. I didn’t know what to do with myself since I was in mild pain and couldn’t sleep. I didn’t sleep much at all or any that night. I let my husband sleep the best that he could.

I finally got up around 7am. I started losing a tiny bit of my mucous plug around 7:30am. I called my Doula first at 7:40am. And then I called my midwife a few minutes later. She had a fever and told me she wouldn’t be there for the birth. I was a little bummed, but I didn’t let it get to me too much. I still felt confident. I am a warrior!

I am a business owner of a CBD brand, and I had an event that Saturday, 2 days after baby was born. My dear friend Austin was working the event for me. I called him that morning and said, “you need to come over soon, I’m in labor!” We still had some event details so go over so he showed up 2 hours later.

We hung out at home for the day. At one point the contractions slowed down a bit and spaced out maybe to 10 minutes or more apart. We finally started heading for the birth center around 3pm. Once we got in the car the contractions started getting heavier and I couldn’t really talk through them anymore. We got to the birth center around 4:30pm and Rachel was already waiting for us, which was perfect because I needed her! I got emotional as soon as I saw her. Her voice is so soothing and her energy so calming! She is an amazing Doula and woman! I was so happy to be at the birth center finally and I was so comfortable and confident there. Our birthing room was so peaceful! Scott hung affirmations on the wall for me and put my salt lamp on the nightstand, perfect ambiance! 

My bloody show started around 5pm. The contractions were getting much stronger by now and much closer. This is when things really started to kick into full gear, and I was now in active labor. I spent the next few hours in and out of the birthing pool for my heavy contractions. I kept reading my birth affirmations and telling myself “I can do this” out loud. My Doula and husband were right by side the whole time, coaching me and encouraging me, they were amazing! This is where the breathing techniques helped the most! During this part of labor, a storm rolled in and passed quickly, leaving behind a beautiful double rainbow. It was magical & made the whole experience even more memorable!

Baby started crowning maybe around 7:30-8pm and this when I started pushing and letting out my warrior sounds! I got out of the tub for the last ten minutes of pushing. She was born at 9pm. It was the most surreal & magical moment of my life! I still remember how her little warm, wet body felt on mine. A few minutes after she was out, she peed on me…it was hilarious! She latched shortly after. We stayed at the birthing center for a few hours longer while they monitored Kaya and I. The Nine Short Months team was absolutely amazing & I highly recommend them! I will never forget this experience.

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