She Arrived So Fast, Before I Could Even Pull My Trousers Down

This week’s birth story comes from TCBS archives back in 2016 when Debbie shared the speedy arrival of Leila from the front seat of their car!

It’s so nice to go back through our stories and very difficult to choose just one! Leila will be around 6 years old now – I wonder if she still likes to make her arrival in such amazing ways?

“Introducing baby Leila who decided to make a rather dramatic entrance at 8.55am on Wednesday 27th April at 40+2.

I started having surges Tuesday evening (about a min long and 3-5 minutes apart from the off same as with my son), we went to bed and had a gin and tonic, a cuddle and a little aromatherapy massage. I then was so relaxed I was able to fall asleep while listening to the MP3s.

At 4am the surges were noticeably stronger and required me to really focus on breathing through them. We all got up about 5.30am when my son got up and pottered around getting him sorted for my sister to collect him. By 6.30am surges were stronger but I felt totally relaxed bouncing on my ball and breathing through the surges.

Once my son left, I think my body just relaxed and things escalated quite quickly. However, we were a bit too relaxed and by the time we eventually left for the birth centre at 8.30am the surges were actually back-to-back and extremely intense requiring every ounce of strength to breathe through them. I found making a noise (like mooing) when breathing out made a huge difference.

With hindsight I did feel some pressure just before we left and probably should have stayed at home, but we got in the car and started driving. We got about 2 minutes down the road when I knew the baby was coming now! My body started pushing her out and I screamed at my husband to take me home (the birth centre is 30+mins away so we were never going to make it).

We turned around and stared driving home, I don’t know how my husband didn’t crash while driving, talking to 999 all with me screaming and hanging off his arm. 999 insisted we pull over, which we did in the gate of the local High School and about a minute later Leila made her entrance in the front seat, before I could even pull my trousers down! Thankfully she came out screaming her head off and the ambulance arrived 4 minutes later.

Big thank you to TCBS, it wasn’t quite the tranquil water birth I had hoped for but it was certainly an incredible experience one that has left me in awe of the human body and what it can do when left to do its own thing. I certainly wouldn’t have coped without the things I learnt from the TCBS and I also believe that I wasn’t scared or afraid because I trusted so much in my body’s ability to birth my baby.

Definitely a home birth next time.”


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