“As a second time mum, I definitely felt I had more fear to overcome this time”

Thank you April for sharing this wonderful birth story with us and congratulations on the birth of baby Emily

“I thought I would share my birth story with you as I’ve so enjoyed reading all the other ladies!

As a second time mum, I definitely felt I had more fear to overcome this time, particularly as I had had a very traumatic first birth. Reading your book and reminding myself of all the breathing techniques (I hadn’t found TCBS previously but had you tubed some breathing techniques!) was so helpful and whenever I could I would practice.

When my waters broke at 11pm, I assumed I would still have a while to go, however my surges started coming faster and stronger almost immediately. At 11.55 I arrived at triage and was frustrated as no-one seemed to believe me that baby was coming quickly, my surges were on top of each other and they were still trying to get me to go and give a urine sample! In the end I took my leggings off and climbed onto the bed on all fours as it’s what my body was telling me I needed to do, it was at this point that I felt my body do its own thing and start pushing baby down and I just breathed through it. They finally believed me and rushed me upstairs at 12.20….I didn’t even get time to get off the bed, at 12.20 baby’s head was out and at 12.23 baby Emily Charlotte Gibb was born.

I can whole heartedly promise any mummy’s to be, you can do this and my goodness the power or breathing baby out is just incredible, your body knows what it wants and you don’t need to push, just let it do it’s thing and don’t be told otherwise by any well meaning midwives. They wanted me to push when baby’s head was out but those 3 minutes I waited were worth it as my body did the rest for me. Lots of love April and Emily”

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