Our birth was raw, painful, and certainly not as planned but totally natural

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely lady, who read The Calm Birth School book. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us.
On Friday 6th August I was off work and had planned to do a bunch of stuff, but I was pretty tired. Around 3 pm I figured I’d lay down and try to nap. I was looking at my phone when I felt a pop sensation and thought it was strange, so I jumped up out of bed. When I stood water came gushing down my legs, so I speed waddled to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet for a while in shock. I texted my midwife and my husband to let them know.
I finally got up and the gushing stopped which I decided to smudge our home because I had planned on doing that and had no idea how quick things would progress. When I finished smudging the waters came back, so I had to toilet sit until husband got home and was able to give me a diaper. I was excited and nervous all at once. I had only just turned 38 weeks, so I was shocked this little guy decided on his own he was coming out so soon.
We decided to go on with the evening like normal and went to bed around 11. I was only feeling period like crampness so I figured I just needed to wait for contractions to start. Around 1 am contractions woke me up. They weren’t intense yet but obvious, so I didn’t wake up my husband just decided I’d run a bath, use my breathing techniques and relax. At 2 am they began to increase and were 2-3 minutes apart, about 1 min long. Husband was up now and getting the house ready to go. We had the birth pool blown up just needed to set up a few more things.
Midwife arrived around 4 am and we filled the pool. I had been laboring between the bedroom and living room couch on my knees bent over the bed or couch. The pain was definitely increasing so the pool felt great. I think I stayed in pool until 7 am then got out and tried to rest. I slept a little in between contractions on the couch until it became much more intense. At this point I was checked for dilation, it was around noon and I was at a 3. I was so bummed. So back in the pool to progress.
These contractions I’ll never forget. Such huge waves that at first felt so manageable with my breath and focus then once peaking I lost control and tensed up. I still breathed and tried to focus but wow the power of productive pain. I still managed to remain very calm throughout labour and credit this to my learning from The Calm Birth Method.
At times I felt out of my body like this couldn’t be me or my experience, but it was, and it wasn’t going away. My midwife was so supportive and encouraged me. My husband was amazing and made sure I was hydrated and tried to feed me.
Around 2 pm they had me checked again and now I was 7 which was great but there was a setback. I had a cervical lip which was preventing me from dilating any further. The midwife advised me she would have to hold it back through a contraction so he could push past. This was incredibly painful but worked so I was relieved.
I was back in the pool to labour through transition. Things were going well but then my contractions slowed down and became farther apart. At this point I was losing steam and feeling so tired so at 4 pm they pulled me from the pool to start pushing.
The midwives had me in my bed, switching from laying on my back to being on all fours pushing with every contraction. My contractions were weakening as was I and becoming farther apart so pushing was so hard. I felt like I was never getting baby out and had no idea where to gather the strength to really push. By 6 pm I finally got him down and crowned, the worst feeling ever, then pushed his head out. My midwife eased the rest of him out which I was so thankful for.
Once he was out all the pain disappeared. They laid him on me for a good hour. My placenta had detached and came out rather easily however my blood loss was concerning. When the midwives massaged my uterus down, I gushed blood a few times. It was decided they would call an ambulance unless I improved. I hadn’t peed since earlier that afternoon, so I was catharised. It was such a relief and 7 cups of urine later I was improving, and the bleeding had slowed, yay no hospital transfer.
Our birth was raw, painful, and certainly not as planned but totally natural and as I wanted it to be. The best part was Julian was perfect the whole birth. His heart rate never dropped or heightened, he made his little way down and out, calmly and confidently. I believe staying calm myself through my breathing and learning of hypnobirthing really helped keep our baby calm through his birth.
I felt initially traumatized after but now more proud and amazed. I certainly need time to recover before ever thinking about our next pregnancy, but I think I could do it all over again.
One take away from this experience is I completely understand why they invented pain meds for labouring women, and I will never knock an epidural lol.
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