When Positive Thinking just isn’t enough….

Today’s blog post is all about the negative aspects of thinking positively about your birth. Yes, you read that correctly.

There ARE negative aspects to thinking positively about your birth.

We get it a lot with clients that are in their second or third pregnancy. Perhaps, they’ve dabbled a little bit with hypnobirthing in the past, listened to a couple of CDs or they’ve read a book — they’ve seen that they’ve got to think positively.

And they’ve done that, and that’s been amazing, but that is all they’ve done. Then, when they’ve got to the birth bit, they’ve been a bit like, “Oh, this isn’t kind of what I’ve envisaged at all.”

That’s the issue. It’s not just about thinking positively. You’ve got to do all of the other stuff.  So what’s the script, to think positively or not think positively, that is the question?  

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Now, don’t get me wrong, there will be a small percentage of you out there that do only have to think lovely happy thoughts, wistful thoughts, wishful thinking, and do their breathing techniques and you’ll have a great experience.   But the vast majority of you will have to do a lot more than that, and so if you are one of the ladies that has signed up to our free hypnobirthing classes and have watched the videos and gone, “Oh yeah, that’s nice,” and then haven’t done anything else, I’m talking to you.


You know you’ve got to do the homework. You have to come into the Facebook group, ask us questions, use us, because we are here and happy to help you. You know, it’s a bit like getting into the car before you passed your driving test, before you really know how to drive, and just hoping that you’re gonna get around the roundabout unscathed because you’re thinking positively. You just wouldn’t do it, would you?

Most of the time, you should have a really good understanding of your physiology so you know how you can work with it and aid the birthing process as opposed to working against it. You got to have a clear understanding of your biochemistry and your partner’s biochemistry, so that you know how to generate the type of hormones that are, again, going to make your birth more efficient and more comfortable for you.

You got to have real confidence that your birth partner knows what he has to do when it comes to stepping up and working with your care providers, and managing your environment. Everything is geared up to work in your favor. You should have a really clear understanding of the things that you can control and the things that you can’t control. That you just have to let go and go with the flow on. It’s all of those things that help set you up with a really solid foundation for creating a positive birth experience.

Positive thinking on its own is just that. It’s just one element, and actually, when you put it next to everything else, it’s quite a small element.

Today’s action point is to take some action.

Set some time aside to start doing the other work. As I said, if you’re with us on the free hypnobirthing classes, do your homework. Set aside 20 minutes every day, for the next seven days, to do your homework. If you’re sitting on the fence about whether you are going to do a course or not, just get off the fence and make a decision.

If you want to go and see somebody face to face, then make those calls, do your research. Do the whole 360 and then you are much more likely to get the positive birth that you desire, which we know that you want because otherwise, you wouldn’t be watching this video today.

That is your key takeaway, so don’t let me down. Come and let us know what you’ve done over in the Facebook group or come and say hello on the Facebook page, and let’s get things going.


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