“..Up until this point I had been really confident in my breathing and felt in control and calm…”

Here is a wonderful birth story from first time parents Olli & Rhiannon in Hertford! Sent to us by one of our amazing TCBS Instructors, Tracey Harper at Birthing Calmly.

“Dear Tracey,
Oliver and I want to say a big thank you to you personally for taking us through TCBS material and for the fantastic way your classes at Birthing Calmly brought it to life.

Cecily Fleur Drury was born on the 26th September at 09:25 at PAH. It had been my first day of maternity leave (38 weeks) and I’d had a lovely active day including a long walk with my parents. That evening I actually heard my waters releases around 23:00.

I remember the huge rush of excitement I felt and I couldn’t wait to begin labour! I tried to keep it secret from Olli so he could sleep but couldn’t! We both stayed calm and I got in the bath and Olli went to tesco to get fuel for the night ahead.

By 00:00 on the 26th my contractions were in full swing and I was using the birth ball to stay upright and active. We went into hospital at about 04:00 and my midwife commented how in control I was with my breathing ????

I was assessed at 05:00 and was 4cm. Up until this point I had been really confident in my breathing and felt in control and calm. I wasn’t able to go onto the birthing unit as I’d had high blood pressure in the final two weeks of my pregnancy and it was particularly high that morning! This meant the midwives wanted to continuously monitor both of us but I didn’t find this to be too much of a problem.

Between 05:00 and 07:00, when I had gone from 4cm-8cm, I was really struggling and asked about pain relief options. My only option was an epidural but there were no available doctors to administer this. I remember feeling pretty anxious that I was going to have to do this solely on gas and air.

If I hadn’t completed a hypnobirthing course I have no idea how I would have got through those last few hours! The breathing techniques carried me through and I am so grateful for all the preparation the course had encouraged us to do up until the big day.

I felt a little sad that we hadn’t used the mp3s or my inhaler on the day but then I realised that the hypnobirthing techniques are as much about the run up to giving birth as they are about the actual labour. The time I spent with Olli practicing techniques and reading the book was so important for us to bond and Olli felt so confident about his role as my birth partner.
A huge thank you to you Tracey from all three of us
Olli, Rhiannon and Cecily xxx”

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