At The Calm Birth School we have been thinking hard about how we can support you during this strange and unfamiliar time. 

Whilst on paper being asked to retreat to our homes should be an easy feat the reality is something quite different. Pregnancy can be a time of great uncertainty and the added complications of pregnancy amidst Corona Virus has left so many of the gorgeous pregnant ladies that contact us feeling isolated, anxious and alone. But don’t worry- as always, we are sharing practical advice, positive experiences and evidence-led learning to guide you through it all! 



The first thing we have done to help is set up a series of online, completely free workshops coming from a wide range of industry experts. From pregnancy yoga to dealing with Corona anxiety we have got 12 brilliant online workshops to support you. Following such amazing feedback about the sessions we have left them available in our Facebook community group as units of learning. Check them out if you haven’t already- or return to them if you feel you need to reconnect. 



Our Facebook Community group now has in excess of 4,000 members- an amazing community of women all supporting and guiding one another through pregnancy birth and beyond. The conversations recently have been even more supportive than usual, and we regularly share positive birth stories and moral support to create that virtual network when a physical one isn’t possible. I am also posting the most up-to-date information regarding pregnancy and coronavirus to try and help our mums and mums-to-be stay informed. 



When I was pregnant with Jamie (my youngest), I gave all of my besties and the women I hold dear in my life a candle each. The idea was that when I went into labour I would message them (just one message to one group) and they would light their candles for me and send positive thoughts or meditate with me in mind. It made me feel sooooo supported. They took photos of their candles and sent it to me or sent messages of love and support, and although I wasn’t looking at my phone much knowing that they were thinking of me felt like the most amazing support network.

The Calm Birth School instructors and I have decided that we would love to do this for you. So if you feel like you need some extra support or if you are birthing without your doula, birth companion or someone you had planned to or perhaps you just want to additional some positive vibes in this unknown realm we find ourselves in…you will know that there are people thinking of you. 

Post in this group  when you go into labour and as many of us as possible will send you loving thoughts (either mentally or virtually), light a candle, say a prayer or whatever we have the opportunity to do. The point is that we will bring our collective feminine energy together to send you confidence, strength and love no matter where you are or where we are.

Please note, that we are not suggesting that you spent time looking and engaging with your phone during your labour (unless absolutely necessary)- just know that we are sending what you need! 

Whilst we are physically distancing ourselves from one another we can provide virtual support and love in abundance🖤#physicaldistancevirtualsupport




I’m incredibly proud of how quickly our global instructors have adapted to the current situation and moved online to make sure they can still offer the amazing support we know that hypnobirthing provides. Many of them have, like us here at HQ, put together some fantastic free sessions to try and offer additional virtual support to women who need it


LOVE PARENTHOOD: Free Pregnancy Relaxation

ROCK YOUR BIRTH: Free Online hypnobirthing taster and relaxation session

NOVA VIDA BIRTHING: Free 7 Days of Pregnancy Relaxation Emails 


There are brilliant online hypnobirthing sessions happening all over the UK, in parts of the US, and in other parts of the world too- the great thing is though…its doesn’t matter where they are based! Here are just a few;

SONA MUM: “Pay what you can Hypnotherapy Hypnobirthing Breastfeeding Birth recovery” (located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

PEACE LOVE AND BIRTH: Reduced Online Hypnobirthing Taster session (London, UK)

LAURA SCARLETT DOULA: Discounted 1:1 Zoom Course (Kent, UK)

BRIGHTER BIRTHING: Discounted online group course (Tring, UK)

EMPOWERED BUMPS: Online LIVE Hypnobirthing Workshop – 2 x 2 hour sessions to give you the essential tools you need. £69.50 per couple (book with a 50% deposit) these are on EVERY WEEK (Southport, UK)

You can access a full list of instructors here, via our Instructor Directory.

Our mantra at the moment is ‘physical distance, virtual support and love in abundance’ so rest assured we will continue to work our socks off to offer you as much virtual support and love as we can, as always, but especially at this time. 

Love and light, from Liz x



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