It was not the VBAC I had planned!

Thank you to Jessica who shared her birth story with us. “Well my birth was pretty far away from the hypnobirthing VBAC I had planned in my mind as Florence Victoria arrived via c section. Compared to my emergency section with my son believe it or not it was calm and wonderful! I chose not to have the induction they were trying to force on me (had a 44hr induced labour followed by EMCS under general last time) instead I was awake, heard her first cry and my husband got to tell me we’d had a longed for daughter. I used my breathing techniques when I was getting a bit upset at the situation we found ourselves in and when the spinal got a bit too much for me to cope with. Thank you ladies you’ve all been wonderful hope you all have the births you desire and if not as long as you get to see a face like this at the end it doesn’t matter how it happens! Jessica and Florence xx” To see how you can create your own calm birth please sign up here:


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