A natural breech birth, bum first!

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely lady Laura, who attended a Skype Hypnobirthing course with TCBS’s wonderful Anna Owen from Rock Your Birth in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!


I had so much fear and anxiety when I found out I was pregnant because all I had heard about birth was very negative and frightening! So many people decided to impose their birthing horror stories on me which only made matters worse.

I have to say that hypnobirthing completely rewired my brain when thinking about birth and I did a 180 and actually looked forward to giving birth.

It was 7:30am when my waters released whilst I was on the toilet, so was kind of unsure whether it was just me having a wee nothing felt too imminent though so we decided to go out for a cooked breakfast to get us ready for the day! I was feeling pretty chill about the whole thing.

At 10:30 I decided to ring the midwife who suggested we go in just to check if my waters had actually released. We got to the birthing unit at 11:30 and as soon as we did my surges started to get more intense. Started to use my calm breathing and affirmations.

Over the next couple of hours I managed to get through each surge with just my breathing techniques I had learnt. Around 2:00pm I decided that maybe a little gas and air would take the edge off, but to be honest it got in my way so went back to just the breathing. It was the most helpful tool and took me to a place where I felt calm and in control.

I was really looking forward to having a water birth. The pool eventually filled up and I got in. The midwife took one look with the mirror and told me I needed to get out immediately! My baby was breech and no one had realised! The atmosphere immediately changed, although was still very calm. The midwifes were amazing, and at no point did I feel out of control or scared!

Arabella was born at 4:21pm – a natural breech birth, bum first! I couldn’t believe that I had done this! But at the same time, I know that my body knew exactly what to do.

I couldn’t have done this without the amazing Anna and The Calm Birth School! I’m raving about hypnobirthing to anyone who will listen to me!  I can’t wait to share my positive birth story with everyone.


If you want to create your own positive birth you can start today!

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