My Water Broke In The Shower Without Me Realizing It

This birth story comes from the lovely couple Maya and Steve who completed TCBS Online Hypnobirthing Course within the comfort of their own home.

Thank you for sharing the arrival of Luna with us!

I just had my first bb Luna last week. It was an incredible experience. Hypnobirthing was everything!!!! Here’s what happened the day she was born:

  1. I woke up around 6:30AM and started to think that I was having contractions
  2. I went to the pool
  3. Got strawberries at the store
  4. Stevie (my husband) and I had breakfast
  5. We went to the conservatory of flowers to see a starting bloom of a corpse flower
  6. Got home around 1PM and had lunch
  7. Contractions were getting stronger, I pulled up the movie Palm Springs to keep me distracted
  8. Quickly by 2ish, the movie was not in the picture and things started to get more intense
  9. By 3:30-4 contractions were very intense, but still okay with the birth ball
  10. Around 5:45/6 I went to the shower to see if it could help some. My water broke in the shower without me realizing it
    Meanwhile, I relaxed my entire body in all the positions I tried with palms open and up. In my mind I had a mantra “welcome bb”. Steve kept reminding me about all the techniques we learned from you. He was the one who made me take a shower.

  11. Steve kept calling the hospital, but they kept saying they didn’t have room for us
  12. Around 7PM my bod went into transitional stage of labor with urges to push.
  13. By 7:40 miraculously the hospital lets us come to the nearby facility, we made it with a minute to the hospital with a minute to spare before the lobby closed at 8PM
  14. We had Luna at 9:22PM
We are so happy. She is such a miracle. This is our 1st bb out, but 5th bb that we carried. So grateful for The Calm Birth School.

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