My midwife fixed the pool

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely couple who attended an online TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Josette Sticher (Pinder) of The Little Nestling Place, covering Stuttgart, Germany and Globally online.

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My home birth story part one

I started having mild surges on Saturday. They picked up in intensity the next day but were not yet consistent.

Sunday night I talked to my Hypnobirthing teacher and friend about the slow labour process and she reassured me that I had all my tools and told me that since it’s my third baby things might change quickly (a hint that would turn out to be very true later on).

Throughout the night I had surges every 30 minutes and listened to Hypnobirthing tracks almost all night. That helped me to stay calm and to get enough rest since I kept falling asleep in between the surges. At 6 am I woke up and had to use the bathroom. I knew this was a sign and my baby girl would be born that day. I woke up my husband, called my parents to pick up the boys, told my sister to come over and talked to my midwife. I was having surges every 10 to 15 minutes at that point and told her she could still take her time. I kept listening to my meditations and was in my zone while my husband was setting up the birth pool. I noticed the pool looked like it hadn’t been set up the right way. It was a little bit after 11 am when my midwife called again to check on me. I told her things were the same and I was still just in slow labour but that we might need help with the pool. She was going to come by to look at the pool and then go to another appointment. However, as soon as she walked in and I got up from the couch I started to have really intense surges. This was the point where things started to get real. I was on all fours supporting myself with the yoga ball and holding on to my husband through the surges. My midwife quickly fixed the pool and was then also by my side checking on baby and supporting me, while my sister was filling up the pool with water. I was totally focused on my breathing and reading my affirmation cards which were hanging right in front of me on the wall. I remember my midwife telling my sister to use additional buckets of water for the pool because otherwise I might not make it in time. But I kept focusing on my body, my mind and baby and trusted the process.

My home birth story part 2

It almost took an hour to fill up the pool and as I was finally getting in the pool the surges were already very intense and powerful. The water gave me instant relief and I remember truly embracing the breaks in between the surges. We had soul music playing in the background and scented candles.  I was extremely focused but still able to take in my cosy, familiar environment, which made me feel safe. Being on my knees and bending over the pool I kept holding on to my husband. He was my source of strength and reassurance. We all worked in unison. My midwife was behind me pouring warm water over my back and applying pressure on my lower back during the surges. Every now and then she checked baby’s heartbeat. My sister was there supporting me as well and capturing everything on camera, which I would later on, be so grateful for.

And then came the transitional stage. Which was definitely the hardest part – mentally and emotionally. For a moment, feelings of doubt kicked in. I thought it was taking too long, the surges were so intense but baby wasn’t coming and my water still hadn’t broken yet, for some reason that worried me. I told my midwife and she was so sweet and full of empathy. She told me I can do it I just have to surrender and she also reminded me that I had choices. Did I maybe want to get out of the pool? This is where my determination kicked in again. I wanted my baby to be born in water. I was able to shift back to my strong, fierce mindset. And then I surrendered and I felt her move down, the sensations changed. I was able to fully work with my baby and slowly but fiercely moved her further down. I felt the water break and then the burning sensation of my baby girls head crowning. I looked in my husbands eyes „She’s almost here” and with two more surges her full head emerged and then her body came out. My midwife helped me catch her in the water. And there she was: my sweet little girl. In my arms. Her cord was a little short so I couldn’t pull her all the way up. I sat back in the pool and just held my baby, overwhelmed with feelings of pure love, joy and this empowering feeling of divine strength and power. It was pure love, miraculous, divine ?


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