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Baby Frankie

Looking back it was the most amazing and intimate experience of our lives!

Here is the beautiful birth story from one of our Calm Birth School instructors Tracey Harper’s first time parents Michaela and Paul on the birth of gorgeous Frankie:

“Hi Tracey,

Our not so little peanut (Frankie) was born on Saturday 18th February at 0109am weighing 8lb 10oz & to our surprise had lots of hair!

After eating lots of curry, drinking tea & bouncing on my ball my surges finally started 9 days after due date at around 5am the Friday morning. Paul woke shortly after and I told him something is happening. We were both really excited but remembered to stay calm and to relax as much as possible as it could be a long while before we meet our little boy. We stayed at home as long as possible using the breathing and relaxation techniques we were taught. Paul made us breakfast in bed & I took a long shower.

My surges started to pick up fast and we decided to make our way to the hospital at 1pm where I was examined, my cervix was only 3cm dilated but the midwife told us my waters were bulging. They advised us we can go home or stay and see if my waters break naturally. We decided to stay at birthing unit and listen to the hypnobirthing MP3’s. At 11pm the midwife’s transferred us to the labour ward to check our baby over. They decided to brake my waters which was a massive relief. Things then started to progress even further. Paul quickly set up the room with music and candles and two hours later our beautiful little boy arrived with gas and air & morphine in the pre labour stage.

Looking back (now that I’m not longer in shock lol) It was the most amazing and intimate experience of our lives which we will both hold forever. Paul and the midwife Amy were both my rock with the delivery. Although it was not completely pain free I truly believe the techniques from hypnobirthing helped me to stay calm throughout.

Thank you so much for all of your help and advice leading up to our birth. We highly recommend hypnobirthing to all new parents.

Love Michaela & Paul x”

If you’re based in Hertford and looking for in person classes please check out  Tracey at Birthing Calmly and if you’re unable to make the classes, remember we have you covered with our video course. Try before you buy with our free classes here