Our little miracle rainbow baby

What an incredible birth story.  Sarah and her husband prepared for the birth of their beautiful ‘little miracle’ with TCBS Instructor, Jennifer Scholes from Empowered Bumps based in Southport, UK. 

Sarah had planned to birth at hospital but little Grayson couldn’t wait any longer to meet his parents! 

Many congratulations to you both again.  Thank you so much for sharing this with us. 

“Our birth story:

Welcoming Grayson Jones to the world, our little miracle rainbow baby, born on Friday 15th February.

We’ve had quite a journey to get to this point – Grayson is the result of IVF so has been long awaited and hoped for – it appears he was in just as much of a hurry to meet us as we were him.

My waters broke at 5:30am in the morning, closely followed some strong surges, I quickly went and told my husband to text work as he wouldn’t be in that day but not to panic as we’d have hours/days before things would really start… or so we thought!

Within an hour the surges were coming thick and fast – I ran a bath & tried to relax but the contraction app was already telling me it was time to go to hospital, as it was so soon after things started I assumed it was wrong/broken and ignored it.  I called my One to One midwife to let her know the surges were really strong but as she’d just come off a 24 hour birth elsewhere she was off duty and organised for one of her colleagues to come out to check on me.  As we’ve been staying with my parents while renovating our new house the plan was to labour at home for as long as possible and then transfer to hospital for a water birth.

From this point things escalated quickly.  I transferred to the bedroom & put on my Tens machine while my husband built our ‘nest’, putting up fairy lights & starting up the diffuser.  I was breathing through the surges & putting into practice everything we’d learnt at hypnobirthing but my surges were strong and I was getting the urge to push.  A quick call to the midwife to check how far away established that she had been sent to the wrong address and was still an hour away – at this point she advised to call an ambulance as it seemed she may not make it!

Paramedics arrived a short time later & I happily took some gas & air.  My husband & mum became my voice and I was only vaguely aware of their presence in the room, even when they turned all the lights on to check me over.  Mum quietly advised we were hypnobirthing and restored calm while I continued to focus on breathing the baby down. The urge to push was apparently due to the baby being back to back however he turned on the way down & by the time the midwife did arrive a short time later things had slowed enough to allow the paramedics to leave us to it and we decided that a home birth was our best option as I couldn’t face a long transfer to hospital.

The next 2 hours passed by in a blur of calm and quiet.  My husband put a random relaxation playlist on at one point and the first song to come on was Eva Cassidy ‘At Last’ – it was at this moment that I suddenly realised that after years of waiting we were finally going to meet our baby and I broke down (I had no idea at the time but apparently so did everyone else, midwives included!).  My midwives were incredible – giving gentle words of encouragement when they sensed I needed it but leaving me to breathe and focus the rest of the time, their calm reassurance was just what I needed, especially as the gas and air ran out just as he was crowning and so I had to push through the last few contractions without pain relief.

Grayson was born super peacefully on the floor of my parent’s bedroom at 11:46am, with my husband and mum by my side.  Whilst it wasn’t the water birth I’d planned (and I certainly never expected to give birth at my parent’s house!) it was all possible thanks to the hypnobirthing techniques I’d learnt that stopped me panicking.

We can’t thank Jenie enough for arming us with everything we needed to bring our baby into the world so peacefully and for her support not only during the course but in the months that followed & can’t recommend the course highly enough x”

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