Lisa’s Amazing Free Birth Story

This week’s birth story comes from our archives, back in July 2016, a whopping 6 years ago, Lisa shared the amazing birth story of beautiful Beau. What a wonderful free birth story.

“Wednesday 6th July. I woke at 4.30 for a wee and thought I had a strong Braxton. At 5am, our 3-year-old came into bed, and we drifted back to sleep, I started to stir every 10 minutes or so. At 6 we all got up and had breakfast. I started timing them and they were 6/7 minutes apart. We decided to get ready and drop our little girl at her granny’s.

My husband left, I started to get things prepped for putting the pool up and things started to step up a bit. I messaged my husband and told him to crack on back, my doula called, and I had an emotional wobble, things were building up and I was on my own.

Once husband was back things picked up again, he started to fill the pool up in between my contractions. I called it my doula. I got into the pool 10.15ish and things intensified. All the sensations were in my hips and front; I couldn’t get comfortable but couldn’t move either. I was aware I was uncomfortable but also thinking each surge was bringing the baby closer, each breath was fuelling my uterus to work efficiently, and my calmness was keeping my baby happy.

My husband was amazing. My doula arrived and I noticed contractions slowed, but the intensity didn’t change. My doula left some Clary sage and went and sat outside, things picked up again. With each contraction, I could feel her coming down, I would have a feel and with each surge, she would lower. It was incredibly motivating.

My doula came back in, and things were getting closer. I felt her head beginning to crown, I used the contraction, and her head came out, I felt her turn and she appeared with the next contraction. she was born at 11.29, after 2 or 3 ‘pushing’ surges. After 30 mins we called the midwives. An incredibly empowering, peaceful freebirth.

Free birthing was one of our plans…towards the end of pregnancy I begun to feel concerned that if I called a midwife, and one wasn’t available… What would I do? I wasn’t going to hospital, so I wanted to feel I was prepared to freebirth. We decided to just go with it and see what happens…in the end, that was free birthing. It truly was perfect. Big thanks to The Calm Birth School introduction.”

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