Just think positively!

Just think positively…

“I’m scared”- Just think positively!
“I feel so alone”- Just think positively!
“I feel like I have no control”- Just think positively!
“I won’t be able to cope”- Just think positively!

I have heard this phrase at so many different times in my life and its not particularly helpful in most situations (especially those where you are battling anxiety or even depression).

Positive thinking isn’t a light switch we can just flick on- most of us will need to work at it in order to make it our default mode.

If you worry that you aren’t “thinking positively enough” – it is likely that you are normal! You can’t think positively 100% of the time, it is impossible! It is our brain’s design to protect us and negative thinking can form a part of that but yep…its not useful or healthy to be a permanent neg head and when it comes to birth, changing how you feel and think from negative to positive is vital, so… is that all you need to do?

Positive thinking alone will only get you so far. Most people can’t just think about what they want and “hey presto” there it is! You need to take the action as well and that is where your Hypnobirthing course comes in.

Deciding to do a Hynobirthing course is action taking

Educating yourself is action taking.

Ensuring your partner knows how to support you is action taking

Listening to your Hypnosis MP3’s daily is action taking.

Seeking out the best environment for you to give birth in is action taking.

Practicing your breathing techniques daily is action taking.

Working through your fears is action taking.

Watching or listening to positive birth stories is action taking

Moving your body and encouraging baby into the optimal position for birth is action taking.

Learning from your instructor or making use of the support with your online hypnobirthing programme is action taking

And. So. Much. More!

Yes, please do “think positively” but also know that you MUST take the action too.

So what action are you going to take today?

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