It Wasn’t The Birth I Planned…

This week’s birth story comes from the gorgeous couple who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Sarah Ridley of Your Birth covering Sunderland, UK.

Thank you for sharing your birth story of wonderful baby Frankie!

“I went into Labour on the Sunday night about 8pm, the contractions were very mild, but they got stronger throughout the night, and we went for a check-up at the hospital at 1am. I had an examination and was only 1cm, so we went home. The contractions kept getting stronger but not unmanageable and I used an App to breath through them. I had a bath and listened to the fear release audio. I didn’t manage to sleep but tried to watch films. We headed back to the hospital at 9pm and I was only 3cm and after chatting with the midwife decided to go home and see if I could get further.


I laboured at home and the contractions were fast and intense. We rang the hospital and said the pain was getting on top of me, so we went back and I was 8cm! I was so proud that I had got so far with no pain relief! We were admitted and I was given gas and air, and it was amazing! What a difference that made!

They filled the pool, and I got in and it was AMAZING! I felt so relaxed and calm. I was in the pool about 40 minutes then I had a contraction, they topped up the hot water and my temperature spiked so they wanted me out. That’s when it all went downhill. They put me on the bed, and I was uncomfortable – every time I had a contraction Frankie’s heart rate dropped so they kept making me turn on my side, my other side, my back, it was so uncomfortable, and I felt very out of control.   This went on for hours and I wasn’t progressing past 9cm, I got stuck and Frankie wasn’t enjoying the contractions at all. The consultant suggested we could try a drip that would speed up the contractions, but he was worried baby wouldn’t like that and suggested an emergency C section to just get him out ASAP. I was so high at this point and exhausted it’s all a bit of a blur, but I agreed and half an hour later we were in surgery.


It wasn’t the birth I planned, and I think pretty traumatic for Steve, but I feel proud I got to 9cm and I’m just glad that Frankie is safe and healthy.”


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