It Wasn’t Quite The Relaxed Water Birth I Had Originally Planned For

This week’s birth story comes from the wonderful lady who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Sarah Ridley of Your Birth covering Sunderland, UK.

Thank you for sharing your birth story of gorgeous baby Jake!

“My waters broke at 11.30 pm on Thursday night at 37 weeks +1. I called the hospital, and they asked me to come straight in for checks. I’d developed gestational hypertension at 34 weeks and was being monitored weekly for this. I’d also had a growth scan at 36 weeks where baby was measuring large, so my birth plan wasn’t clear, as I might have to be induced and I had planned to have a C section rather than induction.

I arrived at the hospital and waters broke, again! They checked to see how far I was dilated which was 2cm and they started monitoring my blood pressure. I was there until about 2.30 am as they had no space on the delivery suite and my contractions weren’t close together, I went home until 4.30 am but then my contractions were too painful so back to the hospital. I was checked again, but I was still 2cm, but my cervix was much thinner.

They still didn’t have any space on the delivery suite, so I was still in a room on the assessment unit, but I was given gas and air! The baby’s heart rate was being monitored with the band, but I struggled to labour with lying on my back, I know it wasn’t the best position to be in, so I was sitting up which then meant it wasn’t picking up the baby’s heart rate very well.

At 7am I was moved to the delivery suite, and I was 5cm dilated. Due to the baby’s heart rate not being monitored well a foetal scalp monitor was attached which then showed he wasn’t coping well with the contractions. I was still using gas and air, but the contractions were getting too painful, so I asked for an epidural. The anaesthetist arrived but the scalp monitor came away from the baby which the midwife wanted back on before we continued, whilst doing this her was now crowning!! Jake was born at 11.59am with two pushes!

It wasn’t quite the relaxed water birth I had originally planned for, but it was the vaginal birth with gas and air I wanted. Just glad Jake arrived safely with the added bonus of being quick!”


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