It was honestly wild​

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely couple Marina and Cam who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Katie Daibess of Birth and Becoming, covering Troy, Michigan in the USA.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!

So, the birth was nothing how we expected (of course)​. Not in terms of prep or anything like that, but my waters broke and contractions were not really following regularly​ at all. Basically​, ​I was having contractions plenty​. But they were every 8 minutes then every 5 then every 2 then back to every 7 minutes then every 4 minutes, etc​.

Several hours after my waters broke (and it was absolutely a gush like movies and several times)​,​ I was not even a whole cm dilated​. They wanted to induce as soon as I was admitted but I really wanted to give her a chance on her own​. Some 6 hours later we were still only on like a 2​. And they were getting really stressed about infection for me and baby​. Since it had been probably a solid 12 hours since my waters had initially broken at this point​, they moved me on to a strong dose of pitocin and gave me some pain meds via drip​.

This went on for probably another 8 hours on high dose pitocin with me only progressing to a 3 or 4cm​. The pain became unbearable​. I was having transition level contractions (those gnarly ones you have at around 9cm) for hours on end​.

At 4cm dilated with no signs of a faster progression even with high pitocin drugs and a deadline we were up against​, they put me on antibiotics via iv​.​

And it looked like realistically I was going to continue to be on those pain level of contractions for another 6 or 7 hours at least which was totally unsustainable​. My options became an epidural or a c section​.

My blood pressure raised dramatically every time they mentioned the epidural as I’m sure you remember my crazy phobia about it​ (I’m the girl who has dental work without novocaine​).

BUT​ I so wanted a vaginal delivery if I could help it for me and my baby girl​ that I took the epidural​.​ I’m still stunned and so is ​C​am​.​ We really thought it impossible​. We had the most incredible team​. My nurses were amazing​. The nurse was head to head with me​ being incredible.  It was such a special moment of human compassion and pain and overcoming things​.

So, after the epidural we carried on​. The labour ended up being 36 hours total​. It was honestly wild​. I had every single part of me hooked up​: every vein, my back, a catheter, bloods run every couple hours, constant fetal monitoring​. I threw up multiple times​. I honestly thought I couldn’t do it​.

When we finally got to pushing​, I had an all female team​. They were incredible​. I pushed for just over an hour​ and ​V​alentine entered the world​.​ She was 8lb 9.5oz​. So, not the 11lb baby my other obgyn kept threatening and trying to make me have a 38-39 week c-section for!!​ She was however still big for my frame​ and guess what​? NO TEAR!!!​

Recovery going well​. I did have raised white blood cell counts and a temperature after/while delivering​. So, I had to stay a little longer in the hospital and was hooked up to an antibiotic iv​. ​But otherwise we are just trying to get rid of the crazy fluid in my legs!​

Beyond that we are so happy​. I can’t believe how amazing this all is​. We’re so glad to have started a family​. Who knew it was this incredible​? But truly Katie thanks for everything​. We will remember you forever!!​ You helped us bring our baby girl into the world​. Also, the nurses were astonished at the prep and very impressed with your tutoring ha​. We’re really just having the best time​.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Also, what nonsense about baby size by the way. Yes she was big but basically her edd and 8lb 9. They told me she was 9lb 5oz 10 DAYS PRIOR and that I was incapable of birthing a large baby without substantial damage to myself and likely her. And they were wrong about all of the above!

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