It Blows My Mind That My Body Was Able To Birth This Perfect Bundle Of Joy

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely couple Rose and Josh who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Charlotte Inkpin of Hypnobirthing with Charlotte, covering areas across Braintree, Essex.

Thank you for sharing your birth story of their gorgeous baby boy with us!

“After taking my Hypnobirthing classes with Hypnobirthing with Charlotte, I felt so much more relaxed and confident in bringing my first baby into the world.

Our local birthing centre unfortunately closed for any births due to staffing which I was slightly disappointed about, but the nearest hospital was the next best thing so planned everything around that location.

It was a Friday evening (1 week overdue) and me and my partner were having takeaway at my sisters when I started feeling some cramping. Initially I didn’t think anything of it as I’d had some the evening before, and they soon disappeared. We’d gotten home from my sisters and these cramps were becoming more regular and more intense, so we started timing them. I relaxed myself by playing TCBS mp3s that were sent to me and used my breathing techniques during a surge and in between as necessary.

My surges quickly became more and more intense, and we’d made the call to the hospital to make our way in.

After arriving I was by myself to handle my surges and kept my breathing techniques going to get me through without any pain relief. I was soon examined and discovered I was already 5cm along! At this point the gas and air was gratefully received and I was then transferred to a birthing room which included the pool I’d wanted to use. The atmosphere was just right with fairy lights, candles and my partner controlling the music over the Bluetooth speakers. I’d made a playlist with soothing music but discovered I much preferred listening to 00s throwbacks!

Once I was in the pool, I only remember counting my breathing in and out then my waters releasing with a gush. It got to a point where I’d asked the midwife about the possibility of an epidural but soon realised, I had to push past this point to get to where I needed to be. My partner tells me I was in such a trance and looked so relaxed when delivering our baby boy and to be honest I don’t remember much before having him finally placed on my chest.

It blows my mind that my body was able to birth this perfect bundle of joy and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand exactly how it all happened, but I couldn’t have imagined it to have gone any better!”


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