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A little story…

There was a once a woman, a woman who thought that she wasn’t strong.

This woman became pregnant! She was over the moon! Excited is an understatement!

But once that excitement simmered down she felt the fear.

The fear of the unknown.

The fear of her body failing her (which she inevitable felt it would).

The fear of what she had heard and knew to be true about birth.

Fear of the drugs and the pain she felt trapped and unsure until she found Hypnobirthing.

This woman immersed herself in learning about the mind, body connection, relaxation, visualisation & breathing techniques, labour, birth and so much more.

She became a powerhouse of knowledge.

She surrounded herself with as much positivity as she could.

She listened to her Affirmations & her Relaxation MP3’s daily.

She found the best place (for her) to give birth.

She found her dream birth team.

She made Hypnobirthing her priority.

This woman, began to notice the changes. Subtle at first, but becoming more obvious until she could no longer ignore that she wasn’t afraid. Maybe not fearfree but no longer full of fear.

She was actually looking forward to birth!

Labour began and her calm, confident new mindset led her through. Her breathing and relaxation techniques sustained her. Her birth companion supported her.

She had her perfectly imperfect birth.

This woman now KNOWS her POWER.

She knows her strength.

She tells everyone she knows about her birth. Some listen, others scoff but the thing that remains true is that something has changed in her.

She has a desire to pass this on.

To show other women how to realise their power.

To not fear birth.

To welcome their babies with calm confidence.

To start parenthood off on the best possible foot.

To give others the support that she needed and that she had.

Her dream would be to run her own business, decide her own hours, work alongside a community of other woman who support her and encourage her all the while passing on her message.

This woman is our next Calm Birth School Instructor.

Is it you?

The Calm Birth School now has an Instructor Training Programme for people who want to support couples to create the most positive of birth experiences that they can.

Sign up here for more details and start the process that WILL change your life.

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