Siobhan Cirket

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Colchester, England, United Kingdom
Detailed Information
I’m Siobhan, I’m 32 and live in Essex with my partner Dan, my step-daughter Aubrey, who is 5, and our daughter Amelia, who is 10 months (1 on Christmas Eve!)
I was first introduced to hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with Amelia. I came into it quite late but the techniques I learned became invaluable during my unplanned c-section. Everything I learned helped to keep me focused, in control and able to make informed decisions throughout my labour.
I knew that I needed to pass on these tools and knowledge to other women and birthing people, and enable them to have the most empowering experience possible.
Since then I’ve been soaking up as much birthy goodness as possible, and my dream for the next five years is to create a package of perinatal support that spans across multiple services, hence the name Pure Perinatal
I’m so excited to begin this journey, and I can’t wait to be part of your birth story!