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Samantha previously worked as a cosmetologist for over 15 years. Working so closely with the public during that time gave her a lot of insight into people’s expectations about pregnancy and labor. She heard more negative stories than positive ones.

When Samantha became pregnant herself in 2017, her doula recommended she take hypnobirthing. Utilizing the tools and techniques learned from the program, gave her an empowering birth she walked away feeling proud of. She knew after this experience labor doesn’t have to be the intimidating thing most people portray it to be.

She became passionate about getting the word out knowing “she had to help the mamas!” Samantha trained and received her hypnobirthing certification while she was 33 weeks pregnant with her second child. After her second empowering, natural, hypnobirth she quit her career as a hairdresser and started on a new one as a birth instructor.

Samantha’s goal is not only to help educate families so they can receive the birth they desire and deserve, but to try and bring back the village that this generation so desperately lacks. Help, support, wisdom, truth, and acceptance are needed during this very important time in life whether it’s baby number one or 10!

When Samantha isn’t trying to save the birth world she enjoys her time at home with her two beautiful daughters, Lucy and Anna, and her husband James. She spends her free time baking, sewing, and crocheting. She likes to stay active by taking walks with her boxer-mix, Stanley, and CrossFit.